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The Creation of the World

In the beginning, the stars were four trillion upon four trillion, burning through the sky.


In the beginning of the universe there were four trillion upon four trillion stars crowding out the space. There were no planets then, for there couldn't be. And then, there was more space. Most of the stars fled to take it, and find their own cool places. Only two stayed, dancing around each other. Their names are Iradae and Lan'tha, and as they danced, they gathered dust around themselves, until the dust gathered dust and on and on, creating planets. Three broke apart again and then reformed into an asteroid belt and another planet. And, just within the reach of the stars' light, was another planet, slightly smaller. Iradae and Lan'tha gave it the blessing of life.


This is a very common myth among the Stenza people. Nearly everyone knows it (unless they have been living under a rock their entire lives).

Variations & Mutation

Clans will often trace their ancestry to the suns, and say they are direct descendants from their creators.   Some also give varying ideas of the relationship between Iradae and Lan'tha: sisters, a mated pare, both. Different clan naming traditions also allow the changing genders of each of the gods, leading to gay couples of both genders, brothers, sisters, cousins, and so forth.

In Literature

The Litany of Creation is a khe'drakha which, in full, takes over a week to recite. It belongs to the canon of such poems, and can typically be heard during the summer months (such as they are).
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The beginning of the universe
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