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Clan Residential

These things are expansive--it's a project, y'know, to build, to maintain, to expand, if you have to clean it out because it's been abandoned for decades and the clan has to move back in, they're a project.
— Ta'zhen

Purpose / Function

The purpose of a clan residential is to house every member of the Droga.


A traditional Stenza dwelling is a structure ranging from partially ice-sheltered to almost completely submerged depending on where in the basin of the Ice Flats the dwelling is located. It wraps around the outer rim of a clan's main (or only) settlement and provides living space for every member of the clan. The interior plan tends toward open, save for walled off sleeping quarters that can be used by the adults for recreational purposes; otherwise there is an emphasis on floor space to give room for pups to work off their seemingly endless energy.   The interior wall of the dwelling contains doorways leading to the Clan Museum, where the greatest trophies and works of art made by clan members are kept. For the protection of the artifacts this structure is also submerged.


The idea of submerged or sheltered encampments is thought to date back to the Proto-Stenza, who were thought to have taken shelter in caves (along with interring their dead there). The act of building them, however, dates at least as far back as the earliest known Stenza settlement, which survives in the archaeological record as a clan residential wrapped around a long but narrow open area with many possible uses.   Expansion of the open area was slow and gradual, with semi-permanent structures erected within it first appearing some one thousand years later, around -25000. The shape of the residential evolved, wrapping around a series of other buildings constructed by professionals, such as butchers, tanners, and metalsmiths who were part of the clan. This structure more or less stabilized by the time of Iradae the Lawgiver and the Battle with the Stone Menace, where one of the structures in Strares was set up explicitly as a neutral place for clan leaders to meet and work to solve the crisis.   Strares in particular underwent the most evolution in terms of its clan residential in the years following the battle. The clan residential now sports a substantial wing which houses workers who come from outside the clan, making it the largest on the planet.   In the event of horrors like the Clan Killings, the clan residential is the first building to be cleared out during the Rebuilding Rites.
Alternative Names
Clan House
Parent Location

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28 Jun, 2021 17:01

I really like the history of how the residences evolved over the years.

28 Jun, 2021 23:35

History's always my favorite part :D