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Vusion? That place gave me the creeps. It feelt .. haunted.
— Retired Vusion explorer.
  Located in the Alithea System, 13,5 Light Jumps away from the Mésvéstell System, Vusion is one of the handful exoplanets in Cosmos that are able to support and sustain complex lifeforms. Unsurprisingly, it can be found within the Golden Sector.  

Planetary Information


It orbits a gas giant named Alithea, together with 3 other moons.  


About 78 % of Vusion is covered in water, and most of the lifeforms on the planet has evolved to survive around or within its two wast seas. The remaining 22 % is land consisting of three major continents and several thousands of islands, most of which are covered in marsh lands or thick damp forests, with only a few dry areas.  

Flora & Fauna

70 % of the lifeforms are of a reptilian nature. 60 % of the life on Vusion are oceanic lifeforms, with 20 % being capable of flight and the remaining 10 % being solely land-living.  

Planar Information

It is more in tune with the Negative Planes than with the Positive Planes and Mist Gates are about 40 % more common on Vusion then on Mésvéstell.  

Noteworthy Information

Ancient Ruins

Several ancient ruins can be found both on the planet's surface and underground, as well as under sea. Some speculate that a few of them are about 2 Cycles old, which would make them around 2,241,540 years old. Only a few rare structures seems to still have power though, which is amazing in on it self.  

Ancient Wrecks

Here and there, one can also make out what appears to be wrecks of ancient space ships, some of which are several kilometers in length. A few of the largest wrecks are believed to have been space stations orbiting the planet in ancient times, until they found themselves defeated and succumbed to the planet's gravity.
Many more are believed to have been claimed by Alithea.  

The Colonies

Arthir Colony

Arthir Colony is located near one of the largest collection of ruins on the planet, named The Arthir Ruins, which varies a lot in terms of architectural design and state of decadence.

Alternative Name(s)
Sivi 7-7-6-4.   Type
Planet, Golden Light   Approximate Age
2 billion years.   Average Temperature
Approximately 21 Celsius.   Average Climate(s)
Humid subtropical. Monsoon. Oceanic.   Average Color of the Sky:
Light blue-white.   Distance from the Sun(s)
17,237 kilometers.   Breathable Atmosphere
The air on Vusion is too thin and also rather poisonous for Mésvéstellian Lifeforms.   Gravitational Pull
30 % Lower then Mésvéstell Standard.   Rediscovered
3563 PD.   Planar Influence
Negative Planes - 77 %.
Positive Planes - 23 %.
Included Locations
Arthir Colony
The Arthir Ruins

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Cover image: Far World by Todor Hristov


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