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The Liafel Cross District

In The Ciy of Cantmere, the Liafel Cross District was one of the six districts that was secured and fortified by the Resistant ones and is currently one of the five still standing.   It is located in the south eastern part of the city and is considered one of the most stable and secured of the district. The Protectors have a strong presence here.



  • 6,141


  • 4,317


The district is ruled by Eraric Wallvuo - Captain of the Liafel Crossian Protectors.
The 57 year old veteran is a well respected man that is just and wise. He is seen as a man of his people and sometimes go on patrols with his fellow Protectors.
He tries his best to be cooperative with Hunter Commander Alatheus Rhodisvuo but ultimately looks down in their ways. But that does not mean he don't understand their importance. He also does his best to keep the relations with the other districts, if not good, then at least stable.
He has several advisors and has, for the moment, given Pancras Criovuo the role as his second-in-command.   Hunter Commander Alatheus Rhodisvuo oversee the Liafel Crossian Hunters as their Commander. He and his Captains make sure so that the district's surrounding area is not to overwhelmed by the infected, and that they get in a accepted flow of supplies.
He is very respected among the Resistant Crossians, after killing two Cursed Ones to save a comrade. As a 65 year old Ilyon, he is one of the most experienced of his kind in the city.
Inhabitant Demonym
Resistant Crossian.

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