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The Codex Guide of Cthenth



  In my opinion, it is a little ironic that I, a simple former guide and escort, would write a Codex Guide for Cthenth, and not the researchers and explorers who led and carried out expeditions that oneself were a part of.   During my many years as an expedition escort and guide, I have walked many miles in the underground caves and seen and encountered things that belong either to nightmares or euphoric hallucinations. This applies to both the creatures that can be found in Cthenth and the naturally occurring, or artificially constructed structures that take one's breath away.   I also have to say that I have taken a lot of help from a special book that was left in my possession by a strange figure who were part of an expedition that led us deeper down than usual. Who ever this "Codex Chronicler" was, he rescued us from dying, and I am forever grateful to him.  

The Name

The name Cthenth (pronounced Ce-Teen-Tht) is one of the oldest names of this extremely incomprehensible giant cave system. According to the book, Cthenth was the name of a god of death, whose believing followers lived in the present Vroantáll, about 4000 years ago.   The underworld, which shared the same name, is to have been the kingdom of this deity and is to have been the place where the souls of the dead ultimately ended up in. Many religions and cultures have for centuries absorbed this name in their beliefs and mythologies. An obvious example is the Church of Kheaf, with Cthenth.   As can be assumed of this, the name is one of the most outspread in Mésvéstell and therefore feels again by most people, although variations on pronunciation and spelling vary from language to language.  


Cthenth is said by some to be an immense and incomprehensible large cave system that runs beneath the surface of Mésvéstell, with miles of countless interconnected caves and tunnels.   Others, however, believe that Cthenth is a world of its own and that it is as large - or even larger - than the surface world. That there are caves that can be up to several hundred kilometers in both height and width. That whole oceans, never touched by sunlight, exist under gigantic stalactites and ravaged by constant storms.   I can guarantee that truth is consistent with both of these assumptions, more or less. During the first few miles down, you encounter caves, underground seas and tunnels, all of which are of varying sizes and with their distinctive environments and weather phenomena. After that, the caves only become larger and larger, until you think you have reached the surface again. I am of the opinion that entire cities, even countries, could be accommodated in these caves.  

Plane of Existence & World Frequency.

As stated in the book, Cthenth is actually a so-called partial plane of existence. One in three that exists in accordance with each other and Mésvéstell. The Codex Chronicler's notes give these planes of existence the name [… The Dimensions of Hellir, or The Hellir Realms. The Hellir Realms are three of a total of eight planes of existence that exist in The Existence.]   Something interesting that the Codex Chronicler mentions in the book is that Cthenth has a world frequency of about Minus 14.5 Väes. In comparison, it seems that Mésvéstell has a Väes on Plus Minus 10, what ever that means. This apparently allows all creatures that have been born in Mésvéstell to descend into Cthenth's dark tunnels, and the deeper they walk the lower Cthenth's Väes becomes.  
  Interestingly, there are several ways to get to Cthenth. A selection of these are apparently ordinary cave openings and cave corridors, as well as Weak Mist Gates and Frequency Position Portals.   Cthenth can, on the whole, be seen as an over-dimensional shock absorber for Eärann's ethereal vibrations that run through The Twilight Realm. For those who see The Twilight Realm as a barrier, it can be said that it gets thinner and thinner the lower the Väes of Cthenth gets.  

The shortcut of Mésvéstell

Cthenth can be used by creatures of Mésvéstell as a shortcut to get to a place somewhere on the surface twice or triple as fast. One must, however, be careful as the environments you usually walk through are unwelcoming, albeit possibly beautiful to behold. The reason for this is because you have to wander through either The Melltene Caves or The Djuigrel Trench in order for the Time dilation to come into effect.

Alternative Name(s)
The Deep Dark
Cave System

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