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Raven's Heart District.

In The Ciy of Cantmere, the Raven's Heart District was one of the six districts that was secured and fortified by the Resistant ones and is currently one of the five still standing.  

The Gray Family.

The Gray Family have a big presence in this district - and had it even more so before the catastrophe - since they own many respected establishments.
Being a family of doctors, scientists, alchemists and researchers, the Grays decided to try and find a cure for the plagues, something they have yet to accomplish. They have, however, done several discoveries regarding the infected.
On the side of their primary work, they take care of wounded that are both from their district, as well as from the others. They also try to treat a few Afflicted, Blood Soiled and Mad Berserkers with bloodletting, blood transfusion and other treatments. In safe conditions, of course.  

Adaline Seddon's Clinic

Adaline Grayvio herself became one of the Cursed Ones, and ultimately left the clinic in her siblings hands.
It is one of the more guarded and protected building complexes in Cantmere. In the closed of west wing, treatments are tested on infected, whether they are Afflicted, Blood Soiled, Mad Berserkers or even Cursed Ones.
In the rest of the complex, simple wounded are taken care of with the best of care.
A dark secret.
Known only to a handful of people, some of the wounded ones are taken to the basement and experimented on, both with the diseases and the treatments.



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Alternative Name(s)
The Hospital District

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