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Mistress Adicia'Hílro Suihn-Ór Ketai. (a.k.a. Throat crusher, Raven Blade)

Ah yes. Her. She is remarkable women if I may say so myself. Few are as beautiful and fierce as her. You should have seen her fight; in her days of glory, she could go up against three well armed and armored gladiators who where twice as broad as herself, and end up winning. True, she was near death quite a few times; her scars tell a bloody tale, but she always manged to cling to life. But I think her mental scars are a lot more worse, they don't fade as easily. Only her own self restraint stops her from making a bloodbath, that and the hope of joining the gladiatorial games once more. Perhaps even fighting side by side with The Bone Breaker or at least against him. Those two, now there is a special bond.
— Petrus, about Adicia.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

  • She has a muscled, compact build.
  • She has olive-colored skin and obsidian-black hair.
  • Her hard eyes have a deep green hue to them, and everywhere where the skin is bare, a few scars can be seen. Not even her face is untouched since she have a thin scar above the right eyebrow, and a more prominent scar that began at the cheek and ended at the chin.

Special abilities


  • Good healing flesh.
  • High pain limit.
  • Fast perception.

Weapons Techniques.

  • Disarm.
  • Distract.
  • Block.
  • Improvised attacks.
  • Melee combat - Sword & Dagger.
  • Martial Arts - Eochaa.
  • Weapon locking.
  • Storm attack.
  • Avoid.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

  • Year 1601 - 1608:
At the age of 6, she was selected together with eight other girls to be taught in a gladiator school. The following seven years were hard and brutal and only three girls - including Adicia - survived to their 13th birthday. They got their training from the Ecvic, the living legends.  
  • Year 1608 - 1611:
After three years of training, only Adicia and another young woman named Kayla remain.  
  • Year 1611 - 1615:
At the age of 16, Adicia was sold for a large amount of money to the rich businessman Ketai, and she finally gets to fight in the gladiatorial arenas. One of the first opponents she meets is Hájjam Raosre'Kal, who has already begun to become notorious, and both make such a good show that Adicia is pardoned.
During the following 4 years of bloody battles, Adicia stands more than once at the threshold of death, and she sees Hájjam both as an enemy and an ally. After 4 years, she and Hájjam have caught the audience's favor and are almost seen as a duo.
When Ketai saw Adicia's beauty and brutality, he took her to bed several times, and Adicia, who lost her innocence at an early age, had to do as her master and owner ordered. She was also, much to her anger, also given to Ketai's good friend and business partner, Petrus, to please him.
After the earthquake that hit Si'Gthor in mid-1615, which destroyed one-third of the city, including the Gladiator Arena Aclina, Adicia was, to her humiliation and anger, relocated as personal slave and consort of Ketai.
The reason was that Ketai was worried about his investment and didn't want to see her die on a gladiatorial ring or a tragic natural disaster. For Adicia, there was nothing worse than being a personal slave and a seducer. And since she hadn't reached the title of Ecvicer, she was not honored for her time in the games nor a free woman.


Family Ties


  • Manila Hílro Suihn'Er Carenza.
  • Arjet Hílro Suihn'Er Carenza.
  • Feline Hílro Suihn'Er Carenza



Friend (Important)

Towards Hájjam Raosre'Kal



Hájjam Raosre'Kal

Friend (Important)

Towards Adicia



Relationship Reasoning

Over the years, they have both been fighting against and with each other in the gladiatorial games. During this time, a big respect has been building between them and them considers themselves equals. Before the events of mid-1615, they had done more and more games together as a duo and had completely obliterated their opponents. They had saved each others lives more then they can count, as well as nearly killing each other when they were put against each other.
Their friendship had been forged with blood and sweat, in the dusty ground amidst a roaring crowd.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Gladiator. Consort. Slave.
Year of Birth
1595 (21 years old)
The Tansrensien Empire
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Light Green.
Obsidian black, curly, shoulderlength.
166 cm.
Other Affiliations
Social rank
Slave of the Third Daraus   Birth date
1595 – 07 – 18.
First appearance:
Date at appearance:
1618 - 08 - 02.
Age at appearance:
22 years old.
Season at apperance:
Early fall.
Month of apperance:

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