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22/08/1616 PD

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"Let's clean up and rebuild, shall we!"  
— Master Carestos Jall'Ti.

Currently, Mésvéstell undergoes a major renovation process. It is unclear how long this project will take. I recommend you go to my second world, Miand'Més or check out the Other Work — Wiki Library Category..

    A world where magic, life and death in one form or another heavily influences it and all its life.
A world that is in a never ending power conflict with a realm of shadow and echoes that threaten its reality.  

Mésvéstell is a grand and ancient world. Her landscape is dotted with the remnant constructs of ancient civilizations that has either been swallowed by mountains or ocean waters. Imposing dragons fly through the air, dodging dangerous magical phenomena in the stark moon light, oblivious to the rich history that Mésvéstell hold.   Through the eons, she has seen many catastrophes — a few of which has been apocalyptic extinction level events — that has left her and her children scarred. But Mésvéstell is stubborn and do not give up easily. The same could be said for the life of which she nurtures. Even if the most advanced of intelligent races succumb to apocalyptic catastrophes, life will cling on in the deepest of ocean depths or the darkest, dampest caves.

The Humans

Female Cover .jpg

In the current Age, a mortal sapient species known as humans have crawled out of the mud and spread throughout all of Mésvéstell; they consider themselves the dominant race on the planet. They have proven to be highly adaptable and resilient, having managed to survive several near apocalyptic natural disasters, and even built great civilizations that have lasted countless millennia. Even though misfortune seems to strike at them again and again, Humans continue to rebuild and prove themselves.   However, thanks to the meddling of Mésvéstell's first children, the Primordial Elementals — beings commonly referred to as Divinities, or most recently, as Sovereign Rulers — two younger mortal subspecies of humans arose.   Human civilization are currently still the primary player among the mortal races and is an old dragon not to threaten or scare, as it will bite back hard in an attempt to hold on to and show its dominance. Even if it means biting its own tail.

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The Vampires

Vampire Female .jpg

The Venrelians — more commonly known as vampires — who began their civilization in the shadow of the world largest mountain range, were created with the intention to function as an instrument of war against a coming apocalyptic, otherworldly invasion.   They saw their enslavement in the ashes of the millennia old Great Dynasty of the The Sovereign Rulers and set themselves free in a bloody revolution a half millennia later that spanned more then continents. Now, more then a thousand years afterwards, they have become the most industrious mortal race in Mésvéstell. Where most have found a home either in the human nations or within the vampyric conquered continent of Volarphal, a significant portion still lives as nomads that faces great prejudice while still being regarded with respect.

Vampire Male .jpg

The Alfar

Alfar Female.jpg

The most youngest of the three mortal races are also the least numerous that encompass only a few dozen individuals. They are considered to be the mortal race that is the most proficient in magic, and they also have the longest lifespans among the mortal races, besting the vampires with at least one hundred years if they are lucky.   The alfar as a subspecies arose slowly among the ashes of the millennia old Great Dynasty of the The Sovereign Rulers, and can trace their ancestry to a single person: a women who was the love child of a Primordial Elemental and a member of the immortal and magical race of Disma. A women who is still said to wander the soil of Mésvéstell to this day. A women, whose true birthright is to be the ruler of the Vampyric people.

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The Prophets

The Prophets Reborn cover

The millennia old Great Dynasty of the The Sovereign Rulers crumbled thanks to a certain number of Primordial Elementals, several specific mortals and immortals and four very powerful individuals: the so-called Prophets. Individuals who had been considered worthy and chosen by Primordial Elementals who, thanks to certain events a few hundred years earlier, had become ethereal in form and prohibited from taken physical form.   At the end of the First Calling, two Primordial Elementals had become imprisoned, either as an intended part of an extensive plan, or due to an unexpected consequence: a daughter's intense feeling of betrayal for what a father thought was best for his child. But the real danger still lingered, and it was a threat that could not be fought by ordinary means. It stayed in the shadows and stroked silently all lifeforms with a blade of primordially created sickness. A invisible blight upon the world. But not all cursed are created with ill intent.   Nearly two thousand years later, the Fourth Calling is at the horizon. Unrest sprouts up among the world's major nations, organizations and its corresponding individuals. Will these new godlike chosen few, guided by both fellow mortals and the Primordials who constantly watches through their eyes, bestow upon the civilizations of Mésvéstell a new era of enlightenment or bring upon another dark age?
What will their legacy be?


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