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22/08/1616 PD

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A grand and beautiful world. But it also has its fair share of dangers and horrors.
It is rich with a long and eventful history and is called home by several different races, creatures, flora and fauna; whereof some are unimaginably powerful and ancient.




It has been over one and a half millennium since the fall of the Great Dynasty of the The Sovereign Rulers. And almost nearly as long has it been since the Prophets of the First Calling imprisoned the presumed Prime God of Death - Cthenth.


The Dynasty of the Prophets picked up where the Dynasty of the the Sovereign Rulers ended, and the state of the world has mostly recovered from the whole ordeal. It is only during - and around - every 500th year that unrest sprouts up among the world's nations, organizations and its corresponding individuals. The reason for this seems fairly simple; every 500th year, Prophets - believed to be reincarnations of the Prophets of the First Calling - are born.
With awesome powers bestowed upon them by their godlike masters, they are seen with mixed opinions and emotions:


Some revere them as gods in their own right, as Divinities that need to be both protected and guided so that they don't repeat their former reincarnation's mistakes.
Others look at them with fear and distrust; in an attempt to save the world from their presence these sorts of people might try to kill or destroy them, in one way or another.
And then there are those who wishes to use the Prophets to further their own goals, whatever they may be - Some might very well contemplate to resort to deadly force to get what they want. Only a few of these three kinds of individuals know who and what the Prophets truly are. And those are the ones who stand the most firm in their beliefs.




Unbeknownst to all but a few beings, Mésvéstell itself is in an never ending power-conflict with the World of Alémya and the World of Eärann, that threatens to break apart its very reality and transform it into an mere vague echo of itself; inhospitable and strange. It will happen one day. It is only a matter of when.


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