The First Grandfather

The Oracle of the Drakaina foretold of the birth of the First Grandfather, promising the people The Grandfather would always offer wisdom and guidance to the tribe. All Grandfathers would be descendants of this spirit child.   The First Grandfather was born 25,000 years ago in a region known as Titqucha. The region, at high altitude, boasts the largest, deepest, and oldest lake, Lake Titqucha, in Drakaina. Legend tells us that Grandfather Alfred was born of the spirit Virac's affair with the Incan goddess known as Ocllo.   The spirit of the lake, Virac, had admired Ocllo since her birth. With skin as cool and white as new fallen snow, eyes that made robins' eggs appear pale, and a heart as clean and pure as the lamb, she possessed a beauty like none other. It is told that the lake and the goddess had a passionate romance beginning on the goddess's sixteenth birthday and ending on her twentieth - the day of Grandfather Alfred's birth.   Following Ocllo's feast of celebration on her sixteenth year, she sought the peace and tranquility provided by Lake Titqucha. As she sat where the water met the land, she admired the river of moonlight on the glassy surface. Her thoughts flew back to the proclamation her father made that night. "I have granted the request of Supay the All Powerful and you, Ocllo, will wed him at sundown on your twentieth celebration."   "But Father, I fear Supay! He is cruel and mean and blood thirsty!" Ocllo exclaimed.   "Fear not, my daughter, for I have negotiated well. He has agreed to never harm you so long as you remain pure of heart, mind, and body."   The guests at the celebration cheered and danced upon hearing this news. For a member of their tribe to be promised to the All Powerful One meant their village would prosper and never go without. Ocllo was not pleased, and in fact, at that moment, her mind began to spin away to formulate a plan for escaping her pending nuptials.   As she continued to drink in the tranquility of Lake Titqucha, she mused aloud, "What am I to do? I fear Supay and do not trust him." To her surprise, the lake began to speak in a calming tone.   "Dear one, why do you fret? You are the most beautiful creature to have ever graced the shore. I have admired you since your birth! Your grace, purity, and beauty has captivated the All Powerful and surely that should bring you joy."   "Who is this speaking to me? For I see no living soul on this shore!" Ocllo became afraid and rose to her feet.   "Do not fear, Ocllo. 'Tis I, Virac, the Spirit of the Lake, speaking only to soothe your soul. I could never harm you, for I am in love with you."   "I have loved this lake for all my days! So why do you reveal yourself only now when I have just learned of my betrothal?"   "It is safe for me to do so now since you are betrothed. One as pure of mind, body, and heart would never defy their father's negotiated marriage pact," Virac replied.   "In my mind, I have always believed I would marry for love - not power. I cannot pledge myself to Supay! For he is all I believe evil to be!" Ocllo murmured as tears fell from her eyes.   Virac pleaded with Ocllo,"Do not cry, loved one! I will do anything to see you joyful again! Please, wade into my waters so I may hold you and ease your sorrow."   Lost in angst, Ocllo did as Virac bade. Slowly, she made her way into the lake until only her head was above the surface. Having reached the depth, Virac slowly closed his arms around the weeping Ocllo. A peace like she had never felt engulfed her entire being. Her mind quieted. Her soul slept. And her body melted into the embrace. The love affair began at that moment.   Ocllo could not imagine feeling so in the arms of anyone else. The Spirit of the Lake had captured her heart. From that night forward, Virac and Ocllo would love passionately only each other. As time passed, and Ocllo's twentieth celebration grew near, Virac became pensive. One night he proposed something unheard of; Ocllo did not need to think twice.   "Ocllo, we only have two sleeps remaining until your twentieth celebration. I cannot imagine giving you up to Supay The All Powerful! I mourn the day I must say goodbye. I have been thinking of a solution. We must mate and produce a child."   "Virac, you are not of human form. How could this happen? I have never heard talk of spirits and humans mating successfully. It is a wonderful thought if it could only work."   "We are in love - it has to work!" exclaimed Virac.   The true love of Ocllo and Virac conceived Grandfather Alfred that very night. Ocllo never grew heavy with child as all the women of her tribe did when full, for a spirit-child did not cause this in its mother. On the morning of her twentieth celebration, Grandfather Alfred was born. When Ocllo's father witnessed the child's existence, he turned crimson with anger.   "Ocllo! You have cursed our tribe! How could you have created this spirit-child?! We will suffer the wrath of Supay the All Powerful!"   "Father, I will pay the price. I will remind you that Supay will harm me the moment we wed - for I am no longer pure of mind, heart, and body." Ocllo said.   "Ocllo! I fear not only for you, but the life of this child. Supay will slay him!"   "No, father. Supay cannot kill him, for he is safe from evil. He was conceived in true love and will wear that protective cloak all his days. And I will spare you having to watch my death. I have declared my undying love for Virac and will spend the rest of my days lying in his embrace."   Ocllo then became known as Mama Ocllo - and her love for Virac, and his for her, was preserved forever as she waded into his embrace for the final time, not suffering an iota, as she drank him into her lungs and ceased to breathe.


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