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Spirit: Watching Cats

A breed of sentient feline spirit that lives in the plainsland to the east and northeast of the mountains. They are notable for being somewhat larger than ordinary cats and having odd numbers of eyes. They represent the concept of uncertainty and will often close all but one or two of their eyes in order to pass as domestic cats so they can slip into human settlements unmolested. If you answer their riddle, they will tell you either a horrible truth or a pretty lie -- it's up to you to figure out which they've told you.

Basic Information


Other than their eyes, Watching Cats are, for the most part, physically ordinary cats. They can have short hair or long in any color found on a domestic cat, and their eye or eyes are normally ordinary colors as well. The only way to easily distinguish them from a domestic cat is that they're normally on the large side for domestic cats. The only way to know for sure is for them to open their eyes -- all their eyes -- at you.

Ecology and Habitats

Watching Cats live primarily on the plains of Mirath, haunting Mirathite settlements for food and games. While certainly capable of catching their own food out in the wild, Watching Cats seem to enjoy sneaking around human settlements, making humans question which -- if any -- of the local ferals are actually dangerous spirits.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Average Height
35 - 40 cm
Average Weight
5 - 8.5 kg
Average Length
75 - 90 cm

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8 Jun, 2018 09:27

I love these! I can imagine being super paranoid about this world's street cats.

8 Jun, 2018 13:20

Haha, I'm glad!!!