Scriryi (Skr-ri)

Known as the main exporter of processed Trazlucerne, Scriryi is a construction and architectural powerhouse in Moudon. While the city is not a big contender in the political field, it has a symbiotic relationship with its sister city Nomris that make it the most peaceful region in Moudon and has unions that are known across the continent. The natural environment that they are surrounded by is known for being a largely sparse and unforgiving land of scrub brush plains and rock steppes. Early influences to work were natural in persuasion, calling to the whorls made in stone by the flow of lava as well as the stark lines of an unmarred horizon. Being so close to the Northern Icy Teeth, Scriryi is known for its practical and no nonsense people, but there is also something to be admired in the artisan style and occasion whimsy of their architecture.   The city itself is partitioned into five districts separated by natural barriers made of cliffs, rivers, and the Chamrest Chasm (one of the original trazlucerne mines). Each district is a testament to the evolution of the culture and architecture of Scriryi. The most famous of said districts in the Chamrest District that developed on top of the processing section of the old mine. The archetecture there boasts some of the most stunning feats of Trazlucerne, some of which were built by methods no longer fully understood today. Part of the reason for this loss of knowledge was due to the Battle of Chamrest in which ten Xeoti battalions had attempted to take over control of the Chamrest Mines for their own magical purposes during the Magical Revolution.


The population is largely comprised of dwarves and humans. Oddly enough, compared to the very antagonistic relations between the dwarves of Grivaltir and humans of Juram, those in Scriryi are known
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The Glass City
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