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A realm like no other, Moude is a land of where magic knows no bounds, and the people are limited by the vastness and irregular geography of the land. Mysterious forces govern Moude, and education and knowledge are not as valuable as mastery of the sword.   Currently, citizens of Moude receive minimal correspondence from its capitol city of Rubefield, and this has permitted ruffians and marauders to terrorize civilians with little consequence. Magic users conduct business behind closed doors and sell enchanted wares without following compliances or accountability. Ignorant to the actions or culture of other municipalities, common folk enjoy isolated lives and welcome tradesman and merchant who bring tokens and tales of unvisited sections of Moude.   I am starting my first Dungeons and Dragons (D&D&D) campaign in January, and I am hoping to use this account for brainstorming the world I'm creating.   My inspiration comes mainly from literary works such as The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, and the like.