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The Second Session

General Summary

Winnie, Khalid, Aadrian, and Rhogar ran out of the prison with all their might and headed towards the nearest forest. Knowing that they are near a rugged coastline, they found a cave that can be used as both a hideout and a shelter. On the next day, they headed out towards the nearest village. They came upon the village of Bonaston; there they met Joan (the tavern lady), her husband Brionne (the tavern chef), Odo (the blacksmith), his apprentice Jacoba, Jeanne Alfonso(the alchemist and newfound ally), Anselm "Estevan" (her adopted son), and Hugolina the general store manager. There were also different patrons in the tavern but the one that the group interacted with was Richard the travelling drunk. They found out about Jeanne's secret of being a wizard and they were sent off to do a quest on her behalf.

Rewards Granted

100 gems worth 50 gp each, tons of stolen cash, new sets of gear, and newfound allies.

Missions/Quests Completed

The group found a solid foothold in terms of gear. They are also about to complete the living castle quest given to them by Jeanne.

Character(s) interacted with

The group did their best to hide from the guards while also purchasing, or stealing, gear from this village. In the village they met Jeanne, the alchemist, and realized that she does magic and hides it from the rest of the village.

Created Content

Khalid found out that the temple of Tyr was destroyed and all of his fellow peers were apparently killed.


The session ended with the group deceiving the tavern lady that they have purchased rooms before and headed off their own separate rooms to sleep for the night.

Report Date
06 Jun 2019

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