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The First Session

General Summary

Every story has a beginning, this one began in a prison. Winnie was on a quest to look for her missing father and that led her to the Motran Northern Regional Prison. Based off of her findings, she found that a paladin from nearest Temple of Tyr was imprisoned for a crime that seemed suspicious to her. She visited the Paladin in hopes she gets to learn more about her father. Around the same time, three no-goods were planning to escape the prison together.

Rewards Granted

Aadrian was able to find his gear from one of the storage areas in the prison.

Missions/Quests Completed

The group was able to acquaint with one another and are determined to escape the prison together.

Character(s) interacted with

Winnie was able to meet up with Khaalid and agreed to bring him out of the prison. However, they were unsuccessful and had to wait for an opportunity to arise. Aadrian and Randy were thinking about a way to escape the prison, leading them to Rhogar who happens to know its layout. They made an impromptu plan and Aadrian was successful on his side. Rhogar and Randy weren't. Rhogar inevitably kills Randy because he just doesn't like him. Aadrian decides to take Khaalid with him and Winnie was able to sneak in and eventually meet up with the rest of the group.

Created Content

Khaalid gave information about what Winnie's father looks like.


The session ended off with the group dashing towards one of the exits of the prison in hopes that the chaos of the prison being in high alert is enough the mask their presence.

Report Date
02 Jun 2019

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