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Motran and Oraclaes

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This world was born as a byproduct of war between the Grand Celestials and the Grand Infernals. The battles and the chaos tore into the fabrics of reality. Every tear creates a new world; a new battlefield that challenges the might between these two forces. This world was one of those tears and was ravaged like any other world. These battles seemed to have developed this world as earthquakes and volcanoes developed the lands while epic storms developed the oceans.   However, even in this eternal war, love was still born from this never-ending chaos. A Grand Celestial and a Grand Infernal have fallen in love and through that love they had many children. But they must keep this life a secret from the war, taking refuge in the world we know now.   Sadly, that peace couldn't last forever as the war eventually caught up to these two lovers ending up in their unfortunate deaths. After their deaths, both sides realize that there fighting was pointless and finally made amends. Thus, they went off to lead the worlds that they have created as a form of self-punishment and as way of forgiveness to the beings that they have created. The world that this couple stayed in had its continents named after them. The children that was left behind swore to look after this world and became its gods.