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Basic Information


While the Myrfolk are humanoid in shape, they have many adaptations that have allowed them to be capable of surviving in their unique circumstances. Myrfolk have several fish-like features that cause them to stand out in any crowd of humanoids.   Myrfolk have most, if not all of the following features, but are otherwise human in appearance; patches of fish-like scales, fins, webbed feet and hands, large and glassy eyes, smooth and thick skin, an absence of ears, and a greyish tint to their skin. All Myrfolk are entirely hairless and have large gills on either side of their ribcage. While the Myrfolk enjoy a more resistant skin layer thanks to their thicker, often scaly outer flesh, their bones tend to be thinner and weaker than those of the average human.

Ecology and Habitats

The Myrfolk only live above the water during the warmest time of year and retreat back across the ice in their convoys when the freeze causes the ice to overtake the oceans of Morzanna. Once each covoy reaches their homes by unknown navigation, the Myrfolk drill through the ice and abandon their vehicles on the surface to live through the coldest parts of the year deep beneath the ice. Using the hydrothermal vents that once supported civilization beneath the waves, the Myrfolk stay warm in a frozen world and take many of their goods down with them to enhance their living spaces.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The large, fish-like eyes of the Myrfolk grant them greater night vision than humans and other mutants. What the Myrfolk have gained in vision they have lost in hearing, however. With the loss of their ears, Myrfolk rely on vibration in the environment being transferred through the skin to an "inner ear." While the thicker environment underwater allows the Myrfolk to hear sufficiently, they are hard of hearing when above water, much to the chagrin of the humans and mutants that the Myrfolk deal with in the warm season, who find the Myrfolk to be irritatingly loud.
Genetic Ancestor(s)

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5 Aug, 2022 16:25

Your outlook on how the fishy aspects of the species affects their bodies is inspiring, I hadn't considered the skin or bone effects such traits would have! I really enjoyed this article.

18 Aug, 2022 16:16

Thank you for your comment! Glad you enjoyed the article!