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The Moryn Chronicles

Written by AvalonFaery

It's actually a collection of old myths, 33 to be precise.
— Cordelia di Sandro
  The Moryn Chronicles are a collection of 33 myths from around Moryn, set during the time of the first age (though a few do seem to take place in the years after the end of the first age). With each myth used as a cautionary tale against a particular sin or element of life, these stories are often the go-to tales used in order to teach children the "correct" way to live their lives. As such, it seems that every person within Moryn can recite at least one of the tales by heart, and has a good idea about the events of the other myths.   These manuscripts were originally thought to have been lost during the disasters and the Sunless Winter, though were rediscovered in Somersia 75 years ago. Since then, they have been mass reproduced, and have become a staple within each household in Moryn. The original discovered manuscript is currently on display at the Gacrebia Library, where visitors can see it enclosed within a glass case.

Historical Basis

It is generally agreed that these tales are nothing more than transcribing of the most famous stories told by bards during the second age of Moryn, with many elements featured in the tales having never truly existed within Moryn. While a work of fiction, every story does line up (however loosely) to events recorded within Moryn's turbulent history, which has meant that some conspiracy theorist believe that the stories are all true in their entirety.

Cultural Reception

Now considered an important part of both Moryn's cultures and its history, the chronicles have well received by every species, most likely due to the fact that the Chronicles never focus on one particular species but instead has tales from all of them.

Date of First Recording
Mid Second Age
Date of Setting
During the First Age

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Cover image: by Ophelia T. Starks (with use of Canva)


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