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The Dragon Queen

Written by AvalonFaery

And there stood the Dragon Queen, in all her terrible glory.
  The Dragon Queen is part of the collection of myths known as the The Moryn Chronicles, focusing on the story of a young Witch Queen who, after nurturing a Dragon back to health, gained its loyalty which lead her to win the war within the Witch kingdoms, gaining her the title of the Dragon Queen. The only one of the Chronicles to mention either the Dragon or the Dragon Queen, it is considered to be apart from the other stories, with some considering it a later, false addition to the collection - though there is no evidence to support that the Dragon Queen tale truly was added at a later date.   Like all the other myths within the Chronicles, The Dragon Queen seems to be nothing more than a fantastical story, though there are small pockets of society who do not seem to be convinced. It's purpose as a cautionary tale (like all the other myths) is not doubted, though exactly what the tale is warning about is argued about. Most consider it to be the cautionary tale of the sin of ruthless ambition, some say the story warns of the dangers that reside within forests, while others take the story much more seriously and believe this story is a warning about what will happen should the Dragon return.


The myth follows a young Witch Queen, who, after a ride through a forest with her ladies, discovers an injured youngling Dragon. Against the advice of her ladies, she approaches the creature and offers it her assistance, promising to heal it. Not wishing to suffer a painful death, the Dragon allowed the Queen to help it, bringing it back to the safety of the castle where she could use her magic to heal its injuries.  

As the months pass, the Dragon is slowly healed though, when brought back to the clearing where the Queen first found it, it refused to leave her side. With the Dragon as her new companion, the Queen continued to care for it, allowing it to become stronger - feeding the Dragon whatever it needed (which, since she was a Queen in the middle of a war, tended to be captured prisoners). This diet allowed it to quickly grow into an adult Dragon, who was more than willing to fight in the Queen's war.
With the aid of a dragon now on her side, who decimated her enemies' forces with ease, the Queen quickly won the war and conquered the other kingdoms, earning her the title of the Dragon Queen. Ruthless in her newfound power, it wasn't long before she turned her eye towards the other kingdoms of Moryn, wishing to rule them all. With a Dragon by her side, it would be simple for her to conquer each one by one, as Morynian kingdoms were always feuding and would never work together, or so she thought.
Discovering of the Queen's plans, a rival Witch and Vampire kingdom joined forces to destroy the Queen before she destroyed them. Through much difficulty, the two Kings were able to sneak inside the Queen's castle, planning to assassinate her while the Dragon wasn't present. However, shortly before reaching the Queen's chambers, the pair ended up in a fight with an enraged Dragon, and the Vampire King was able to kill it, at the cost of his own life.
Taking it upon himself to finish what the pair had started, he managed to poison the Queen before taking the Dragon's corpse and removing its heart so as it can not return to the living, burying it in a secret grave within the forest where the Dragon was first found. The Witch king returned to his kingdom, though decreed that the alliance he and the Vampire King had formed should be maintained, for the sake of both kingdoms.

Historical Basis

Historically, as with most of the Chronicles, this tale is believed to have a glimmer of truth written within it, though the extant of the historical bases (especially for The Dragon Queen and The Water Prince - another disregarded Chronicle tale) is a matter of debate amongst historians. Though there is evidence of a war between three different kingdoms around the time this story took place, the notion of dragons existing has been disproven, and as such, one of them could not have played a part in the war. While it is possible for magic to have been used to create an illusion of something resembling the mythical dragons and thus create some confusion for those who documented the battle, it is unlikely that this tale is anything more than a fantastical story to tell to children.

In Literature

This story is part of the collection known as The Moryn Chronicles, a collection of cautionary myths about Moryn during the first age.

Chronicle Number 10
Date of First Recording
Estimated -750 (Earliest Found Copy)
Date of Setting

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Cover image: by Ophelia T. Starks (with use of Canva)


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