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The Morticene is the eighth epoch of the Cenozoic period, and it is marked at it's start by year humans finally succumbed to their struggle against a self-inflicted apocalypse through dabbling with biological engineering technology before they could fully grasp the devastating consequences. However; this ecological collapse didn't spark the complete end of the human race, just the end of the technological age and the pinnacle of a mass extinction as critically endangered humans clung to a fragile existence and the rest of the world suffered the consequences of their inadequacies.   Set tens of thousands of years in the future of that long-forgotten event, the world is a very different place. People never lifted again to an information age and the majority of ancient knowledge is lost. The human species still lives on in small fragmented nations, city-states, or tribal societies, and in that time other sapient species have evolved both from humans and from other animal phyla. Some cultures have independently rediscovered ancient technologies, and rarer still, some have tapped into their ancestral knowledge for specific forms of magic.

Genre: Dark Science Fantasy

(sub-genres: Post-post-Apocalyptic, Biopunk)  
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