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Morlan is a prominent astronomical body in the material plane. It has five seasons, ten lunar phases with a main moon and a myriad of other smaller satellites, and also a significantly differentiating climate. It's where all of the Loaded Dice Universe stories take place because of its involvement with threats and turmoil which constantly effect even the least expected entities.   This place is incredibly unique in the Omniverse for its complexity and diversity to both its geography and demography which is seen nowhere else throughout any realm. The different groups and collectives have all come searching for conclusions through study and spirituality and every single one has had varying degrees of success. For every discovery a new layer of mystery is found and throughout thousands of years no one has mastered the elements of the universe whether it be magical, fundamental, or physical.


  • Map of Fiori

    This is a map of Fiori, one of the zizekian republics and city states within the sub-region of Oppidium.   This map details the different districts within the city that are seperated in their rules and policies on residence and commercial matters. This, in general, has led to demographic differences between each of them. It also maps out some of the important locations within the city.

  • Map of Vasca Pizzaro's Map of the World

    In 1476 AE the goliath Vasca Pizzaro got his "Dibo deh Oe" or "Map of the World" approved and applied by the colossal church in Suda. This led to it later becoming the most well used map by scholars and normal citizenry alike all over the known world.   This map shows most of the land surrounding the Mesian sea and includes the more recently explored southern jungles. It separates the land by using the regional system which groups different demographics and geographical areas into categories of three sizes. These sections are sub-regions, regions, and grand regions.   The names of most of these titles are based off of different words for the respective lands given by the native peoples, however some cultures like the Yuan-Ti cities to the south don't have names that refer to their respective regions and so a common title is put in place.