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The Hall of Mirrors

The Hall of Mirrors is a grand gallery in Amia where final justice is meted out. Beautiful murals are painted on the walls and the ceilings depicting great events in Amian history, at the end of the hall is a raised dais with twelve seats (some might call them thrones) sitting between the twins, statues of Athena, the goddess of knowledge, and Demeter, the goddess of order. The hall gets its name from the rows of massive mirrors on either side of the hall which rest in the spaces between the murals. The mirrors are symbols of reflection, and they are meant to remind both the guilt and the innocent alike to reflect on what choices led them to be brought into the Hall of Mirrors in front of the Twelve.

The Twelve

Only a small fraction of all the offenses in Lustria are brought to the Hall of Mirrors, most cases are resolved by a local cleric. But some cases, such as those involving people of power, require a decision made by the Twelve. The Twelve are the twelve clerics who act as arbiters for every case that comes into the Hall of Mirrors. An appointment to the Twelve is for life, and to a specific unique seat; each seat is unique because each cleric must belong to a different god or goddess; there are 13 gods in the pantheon, but of course no one worships the Traitor and even if they did, no one would listen to them for their thoughts on justice! The two main seats with the most sway belong to the clerics of Athena and Demeter, the two goddesses most relevant to justice. When exercising their divinely appointed right to judge on behalf of the gods, the Twelve think about how their god would view the offense and offer advice and suggestions to the other clerics. At the end of the deliberation, the Twelve decide if a punishment is warranted, and if so what punishment is proper.


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