Morganthra: the Raven Woman Room of Worlds


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On a hill sits a big house, the hill has little meaning to her and the house feels like it isn’t hers. But on the far side is her room and it’s filled to the brim with universes she calls home. Her room of many worlds travels with her as she goes from one to the other and back to the one she’s been living in. In a clear case are envelopes each carved and inked by her shakey hands. They used to be kept in the desk. Hidden from the world and from suspicion, now they’re free but not free to her, for she barley visits them now. Each envelope holds plot points to stories only her mind can unfold, code words and made up languages to protect them from the real world. Her universes lie on computers now, filled folders and documents with witchy tittles and mythologies for a “book she is writing.”   I wish I could explain to you how important these worlds are. With each keystroke and pen mark she creates new meanings for stories that would shake her world apart.