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Moorod/The Room

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The Room is a unique world, quite literally a massive stone room, with a mysterious origin and it's own civilizations. From the high spires of the castle-city of Nephinal, to huge war machines of Mig, the magical yet dangerous realm of the elven, the accursed Scour Fields of monsters and mutants, the tangled roots of the Uppergrowth, and the vast plains of the Shroud, Moorod is divided into many unique and warring factions, each oblivious to the outside world, and the dangers they are protected from. The Room, or Moorod, is full of mystery, and many secrets that give clues to the purpose to the land of Moorod Why is the Room here? Who built it? What lies beyond? All of these are questions the people of Moorod have pondered over for centuries, contemplating mysterious they seek to answer, as well as survive in their prison, but various ruins and remains of the mysterious Makers sheds some light on these mysteries. Ancient machines, old rusty relics, secret messages and recordings are remnants of the things they left behind. Moorod is a land of giant towering stone squares, misty shrouds, and thick walls. There are many diverse and unique regions, populated by various peoples and races. Many factions continues to fight over this land, hidden and protected from a savage disease and the outside dangers. Rogues and bandits, arrogant but wise elves, warring kingdoms, gliding warriors who dance on the winds, and mysterious "barbarians" who reside deep in beneath the misty Shroud. The ancient cycles of war continue between rivils, as a new conflict arrives on the horizon, and an even more malevolent force from the outside grows, presenting  a threat that no one even knows exists. It will take brave leaders and valiant heros to protect the realm of Moorod from dangers both outside and in.