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Moon of Araxis

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Araxis is planet that is mostly water, with a few islands scattered about. Think Earth, if Earth were populated with a bunch of Hawaiis and some were super sized. Many people come from this land - the native race have no real name, but they are elven in nature, and naturally imbued with magic; much like a sorcerer. Some rumors claim Araxis is where the first sorcerers called home. Nonetheless, it is where you call home for now - whether you were born here or simply are popping in for a time. Araxis runs on an oligarchy, but not in the traditional sense. Rather than a group of rich individuals running the place, whatever corporation can strongarm their way into controlling the masses is who controls the politics. What they say goes, and there is no question or fighting it. Not unless you have the stronger company and the bigger guns, of course.   A mysterious benefactor has been on the hunt for a magical artifact for most of his professional life. The Staff of the High Cleric would allow him to bring peace to the minds of the people on Araxis, where the oligarchy has created some understandable distrust and unrest amongst the civilians. People are ready to start a revolution if they must. Your benefactor is seeking to assist them, and he needs the staff to do it. Unfortunately for him and for you, the Order of the Grand Arm has reached the staff before anyone else could. The Grand Arm seeks to destroy magical artifacts that they find, and this staff is no different. In one month's time they are set to have finished the technology needed to destroy the powerful magic imbued in the item. It is up to you to retrieve it and save your home planet.