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Subterranian Reptilian Mating

Slyotle had found a decent sized cavern. The walls had a fair amount of reflective crystals. Slyotle had put on an outfit made out of various glow in the dark material, vibrant colours--and stuff made out of colours that were likely radioactive or poisonous. Slyotle had his head features pumped up with all kinds of beads and bright rocks in it. His back feathers spread out. Emptying out his lungs--only to scream melodically as he breathed in air, "THIS CHAMBER IS MY CHAMBER, I AM THE BEST, NOBODY CAN COME IN! I AM THE BEST! LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME! I WANT TO FUCK ALL THE WOMEN! LOOK AT HOW BRIGHT AND SQUISHY I AM! I AM NOT AFRAID TO SHOW HOW MUCH MEAT I AM! LOOK AT HOW SLOWLY I MOVE! I FEEL NO NEED TO MOVE FASTER THAN THIS!"


Reptilian mating patterns can come across as different than those of the primate that throw flaming shit... er... that is what every Reptilian Language's word for "Human" roughly translates out to be. Many of them borrowing a word from an older Reptilian Tongue for this.


Reptilian females pride themselves on being invisible as they wish. With you only ever seeing them if they want you to see them. Their ability to flank and sneak up behind an opponent is one of the better ones out there.


The males are viewed as the child raisers. Typically they are "practice prey" for the young rough housing. The males are inclined to be fully visible, and still able to get various prey--if it is particularly weak and feeble. More than likely at home, growing the garden, raising life stock and being somewhat more touchy feely. Mostly so they can sense possible threats to the children they are caring for. Modern day Reptilians are not quite different from their Desert based ancestors--though they like to act like they are better than them.


Today, the Reptilian Male is inclined to go to special Reptilian buildings with air conditioning, and sing Karaoke classics at the loudest they can. With songs usually about how they are fat, slow and stupid--because they don't have to do anything else, as everybody else is even more fat, slow and stupid. With it songs indicating a form of arrogance about how everybody else sucks, and that is why they are not inclined to make and effort.


The Reptilian Female--being less social, and more inclined to hide in the shadows will decide the Reptilian Male they like--based upon various factors. As yeah--there are the basic standard things the Reptilian Female enjoys--but each one has their own set of preferences. The Males, with their impressive feather plumage, soft mouth watering bit-able scales and what not will go around in public. Often having to deal with some women cat calling them. Which is rather uncomfortable and a bit of a faux passe--as the women are suppose to jump out from the shadows at them without them knowing.


The males feel comfortable as most of the women who are seen by them usually are not ideal mates--and various other women will usually keep them from bothering the men... well, that is what is said (in practice, this might not happen as much). The ideal relationship is the males waking up with their entire body sore and their cloaca engorged and covered in sexual fluids--and several months later the kids showing up in their homes. With the whole time, it seeming like their luck has improved and a guardian angel has shown up to do things for them. They know better than to make it too hard for the "guardian angel" as their wife might decide to eat the kids one day, and leave the man on his own. Which finding his children eaten is usually how he learns he fucked up big time. Well... children eaten and everything he has owned or known currently on fire.


The world of work is typically done by the women... though some men are allowed to work at jobs. They are not ever taken seriously and are mostly kept around the "office" as cheese cake for the Females to gawk at while hidden in the shadows--and slap their high quarters without him ever seeing who it was.


Homosexuality in males is encourage--and some males pretend to be into other males to try to ellicid the attention of females. Though most female on female action is kept hidden and not played to the public as much... but that more has to do with females preferring to stick to the shadows as oppose to any kind of actual taboo on the subject.


In the case of a low female population--which can usually be detected by a lack of males with invisible guardian angels helping them care for children--some males will gain the ability to "birth" children that come from their many penises that will sprout out of their cloaca for a painful child "birth". The creatures however, come from eggs--that are just allowed the ability to gestate inside the parent after they hatch until they are large to come outside. This will often result in any males giving birth to children have their many penises shredded as the young burst forth from them. Making those males effectively females from that point onward. Those transgender female Reptilians will often go into hiding, as their ruptured cloaca give off a scent that can attract predators... as well as other female Reptilians who will not be happy about the new competition they have to deal with. The transgender Female Reptilians are not able to get fertilised in the practical normal sense--so much as they just will fertilise themselves regularly and often. Which before Reptilians got civilised would result in them dying.


Reptilians being a precursor civilisation were based upon Dinosaur type creatures... specifically Raptors. They ended up with massive cities and civilisations... that were ultimately destroyed by some primates stealing some children's camping kits and managing to eventually be able to produce fire on their own. Which resulted in a reign of raining flaming feces that resulted in the Raptors going underground and into Space.


There were strides towards Gender Equality before the Flaming Poop Primates (AKA: Humans) had them go underground... but the general social chaos and destruction that having to constantly run from flaming poop being thrown at them had all their different strides towards gender equality go away for the most part. The technology they did manage to keep did make things not go as bad as before they were civilised.. but this current "loudly squawk Karaoke while being bright and colourful" is pretty much where things just kind of got stuck at


Tradition states you do not make scratch marks on the loud brightly coloured squawking man until the third distractingly loud bright squawking. However, some are inclined to make skin wounds on the first distractingly loud bright squawking.

Some will go beyond that, and knock down the brightly coloured squawking male and have intercourse with his many penises on the first distractingly loud bright squawking.

Components and tools

Advances in health care technology allow the use of colours and dyes that are usually poisonous and radioactive to make use with.

They also make use of technological sound recording equipment that are similar to our microphones and speakers to use Karaoki to aid in their loud noise making.

Polished glass, electrical lights, bioluminiscent are also used to make the males brighter

Our files are not currently able to find what allows the females to avoid detection. Perhaps at a later time, we will be able to locate these things.


Eh, it is fairly similar to Karaoke Bars... so there will be people serving food and drink... and people operating the Karaoke Machines.

There is a communications network based version of this... a Reptilian Tinder if you will. Which is both very loud/noisy--and a challenge for women to use it undetected.


Usually at the start of any warmer season, as that will have the female Reptilians circulation system moving at a faster speed and having them feel frisky.

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