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Pronounced Tears


They claim to be the first settlers in Toorwyll. There is evidence of this in how their language is very similar to records found in ancient ruins of the previous civilization. They are a minority in Toorwyll and are often stereotyped as wily and magical.


Tyrs noses are distinctly small and pointed. The most common hair color among Tyrs is a rich, dark green color. This is the only people where the hair color manifests. This distinctive feature is the origin of many saying, one of the more infamous being, "Hair as Leaf, Heart of Thief".


Major language groups and dialects

Most of the Tyrs in Toorwyll know some dialect of Tershe. It is distinctly different from the clipped hard consonants of Toorish and is a soft gushy vowels and fricative consonant sounds.

Common Dress code

They often dress only in loose-fitting garments of dark colors, such as brown, green, and blue (among the leaders or Tyrs of note) The older, married women wear a small head covering (often a scarf) and the more traditional men wear a short cap with a wide brim.
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