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The Night Sky

Yva’a rolled his parchment up and bound it carefully. After sealing it in its waterproof case, he lay back against his bedroll, taking in the vast sky for its own sake. Though he spent most nights out in the desert, gazing up, he could never tire of the awesome view.   It was almost time for a shift change, but Yva’a let the time stretch out, enjoying the special silence of a night away from the capitol. From nearby came the soft breaths of his companion. A little farther, the deeper breaths of their steads. A gentle wind, constant, bore against his face, leaving it numb from the chill. The noise of the night creatures seemed to weave a soft spell around him.   He used his gaze to map the familiar stars above. The Twins, high above. Some distance away, the Vengeful Hawk and the Wounded Wolf, both closer to the horizon, as it was already the turn of the seasons. The sharp peaks of the Botruke Poaim cut upwards, the darkness evident against the shining fabric of the sky. He could envision the Lonely Cup that was cut from view by them, resting just against the horizon, the sign of the coming cold months.   A rustle drew his attention back to the ground and to his duties. With a regretful sigh, Yva’a let the peace of the moment fade and stood, striding over to shake his companion awake for the next shift.

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