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A land among the sands, which spill at the feet of the great Botruke Poaim, it's people are resilient and resplendent. Though once, in ages past, they shifted as the sand beneath their feet, these days the Inbai have settled into several permanent cities and towns.   Amidst the dry heat and distant mountains, the colorful capital Ulem sprawls out, a riotous mess of sound and smell. Several trade routes converge here and there is money and music enough for everyone. But not everyone takes an equal share of these pleasures. Like any place, there are those that have and those that do not.   Take a peek inside. Ministers sit reclining on the softest silk, hair looped in elaborate braids, in the hall of Law. Through the open archways and treasured greenery, warriors walk with heads nearly bare, hair sheered down in an alien manner. Further still, beyond the walls of the central city, the temples which shade and heal and shelter as bastions of faith. The lively marketplace loops loosely throughout, almost always open and busy. And in the spaces between, amidst the buildings and the clamor, skulk sallow cheeked children, ratty hair braided to the best of their ability.   Ulem is truly the jewel of Bo'inbaijau and as any jewel it contains multitudes. Come visit and discover for yourself what secrets the sands hold.
Geopolitical, Country

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