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Whether in the hot sands outside the shining city of Ulem or amidst the crashing waves at the base of the Uklekrupu, the people of this world live and struggle. What mysteries lie before or behind them? Where shall they go and what shall they gain in the journey? What shall they lose?   In the humid rainforest island Voapone, a child suffocates beneath an uncaring sky. Yet they continue on but know they should not exist as they do. Will they ever learn the truth behind their own self?   Across the world in the subterranean caves of the Uumai, a woman buries her lover and does not shed a tear. Her heart hardens. Will she gain revenge or will she learn to let go?   The Naabu peninsula is a harsh land for any to live, and harsher for one who has lost limbs to further the causes of others. Will this young man find those he loves or will he perish in the continuing flames of war?   Deep in the oceans, a small light pulses. Who will be born from the depths? And where will they bring the world?

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