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Rupee Values
Color Value
Green 1
Blue 5
Yellow 10
Red 20
Purple 50
Orange 100
Silver 200
Gold 300

Originally, rupee bills were printed with scenes from the eight provinces of Hyrule. However, there was some protest from the provinces printed on the green and red rupees, claiming that they were being treated as "less than." Since then, rupee bills have been printed with a shifting roster of previous monarchs of Hyrule and other previous cultural leaders of the races of Hyrule (Rito Elders, Goron Big Brothers, and Zora Monarchs). Who is on what bill shifts, although Zelda I is consistently printed on the green rupee bill, as no one would accuse the mints of deeming her "less than." Since color is the primary way to quickly determine the value of a bill, the shifting images depicted cause little to no confusion.

Approximate Value

In the year 532 in Hyrule:
1 RPE~0.15 USD
1 USD~6.67 RPE
However, this is not completely accurate, mostly because these economic systems have never interacted and there's no way to actually assess what their exchange rates would be.


The rupee is the common currency used in Hyrule. They were originally made of carved fragments of gemstones, but in the modern age take the form of printed paper bills. Their color still correlates to their value the same way it did when they were gem-based. In the past, the Gerudo Nation also used rupees, but after becoming an official independent nation, they developed their own currency.
Rupees are issued by the Royal Bank of Hyrule. The written symbol for money (and a key you can find on a keyboard) is an elongate six-sided figure, the shape of the original rupee.
Item type
Currency & Deeds
The rupee is not rare to come across at all and used in all places in the country. Vintage gem-based rupees are actually still accepted as currency, but are not in production and prized by collectors. You can usually sell an old-fashioned rupee to a wealthy collector for more than you could purchase with it as a form of legal tender.
~1 gram*
~3 in x 5.5 in*

*These are approximations, as Hyrule does not use these standards of measurement
Raw materials & Components
Rupees are printed with ink on a blend of paper and cloth fibers.

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