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Rasputin's House Of Mystery

The powerful wizard Rasputin, among his innumerable artifacts and massive amounts of knowledge, also left a castle, his sanctum sanctorum. In it he stored wondrous weapons, vast knowledge, magically animated servants and a monolith enchanted with dimensional magic that allowed the door of the tower to appear anywhere while the tower did not technically exist in the material realm ,which his daughter lovingly named the Kray Glaza, for its tendency to be caught by the edges of the eyes of everyone near where the door appeared. Before he died, he bent the door of the tower in the shape of a ring and gave it to his daughter, Matryona Grigorievna Rasputina.   Matryona lived in America during the second World War. During that time, Winston Churchill came to visit her. He was instructed to do so by the Tuatha Dé Danann, the most elite and most ancient of Irish spellcasters. During that time he was gifted the ring, unsure of what it was. It is said that in his darkest hour he emptied the armory of the tower to make sure his men survived. The ring stayed in his grasp even after death. It is buried with him.


The tower consists of 6 floors that each posses different purposes. It is made of blue wood and stone. The first Floor, the Entranceway, allows for the teleportation of the door of the tower. Besides the door, it has a few coffee tables and seats. The second Floor, has the Dimension Room. It can access different demiplanes in order to aid in storage. The room itself can also be used for simulated training, by creating illusions infused with shadow magic. The third Floor, the Library. The books themselves seemingly constantly shift, to produce an almost quantum state of matter. The Butler can bring the players books for general topics, or the players can search for themselves. The fourth Floor contains the Maintenance Dept., meaning it contains Magen Mantainance and the Dimensional Calibration. The fifth Floor contains the Science Lab, Alchemy and Mechanics labs exist here, as well as every manner of tools a wizard might use. The sixth Floor, has the Astral Observatory which is used to peer into different dimensions and locations.


Maxim, the Head Magen Butler. A Hypnos Magen, he welcomes the guests into the tower.   4 Guard Magen awaken whenever anyone in the tower becomes hostile.

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