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Words, Phrases, and Swearwords of the Modern Mobius-2

Share some common idioms and phrases from a culture in your world.   As you wonderful people already know, Mobius-2 is a lot like our Earth. We speak the same language (English), have similar languages, and even the two planets look similar to each other! Here's a list of a few words, phrases, and swearwords that are used everyday by people across my world.   1. "PENDERS!!!" This is a common swearword based on the surname of a commonly disliked comic book artist in the real world, Ken Penders. He is hated mostly because of a few falling outs that he's had with Sega and Archie Comics, which in turn, have provoked both companies to part ways and end the twenty-seven-year run of the Sonic Archie Comics series. 2. "Oi!" It's a thing that people say to get others' attention when in a group or yelling from far away. 3. "Holy Chaos!" It's equivalent to saying "Oh my God!". 4. "Clamp that trap of yours." It's something that people say when they're quite fed up with someone's shenanigans and want them to shut up. 5. "I feel like a million Rings!" A variation of "I feel like a million bucks!" 6. "What on Mobius is going on here?!" A variation of "What on Earth is going on here?!" 7. "I swear to Chaos..." Self-explanatory.   There's many more where that came from, but I think you get it. The most-spoken language on the planet is English and almost everybody knows how to speak it. There are, however, languages for each species. Foxes would speak native fox language, hedgehogs would speak native hedgehog language, and so on and so forth. Most of the native species' languages are not spoken often, and for some, it is considered rude to speak your native language in front of others. Many people nowadays have forgotten their original species language, and the education system does not consider it necessary to teach native languages.
Mobian English is the most common language on Mobius. It is derived from American English, although the citizens of Mobius have taken it upon themselves to change up some of the ways it is spoken.

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