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Describe a common form of currency in your world. Who issues it and what is its value?   On Mobius-2, Rings are the most common form of currency. They are very simple in design. A torus made of golden metal. The interesting thing about them is the traits they possess. Due to the fact that the metal they are made of was mined in the famous tropical Green Hill Zone, they are infused with some sort of life-giving energy that has the power to heal wounds. When in possession of any amount of Rings, the holder is impervious to most forms of damage. As long as you have one, you cannot die. Get stabbed? Rings. Shot? Rings. Papercut? Rings. The only things that the mysterious Ring energy cannot heal are deaths by extreme mutilation. If a person were to get crushed under a very heavy object, to the point of their body being unrecognizable, Ring energy cannot heal them. If a person survives an atomic blast, unfortunately, Ring energy cannot help them. They will succumb to their injuries. Rings are used as currency, and they are quite small. About the size of an adult male's palm. There have been several inventions created to make the transfer and holding of Rings easier. One of the most widely used are called Ring Monitors. They're essentially small computers with a large screen, displaying the image of a rotating Ring. The only way to retrieve any stored Rings is by breaking open the monitor. Once broken, every Ring stored will gravitate towards you, and you may do with them as you please. One Ring is equivalent to five US dollars. There are larger, more valuable kinds of Rings called Red-Star Rings, usually just called Red Rings. One Red Ring is worth 10 Rings, and the source of the materials used to make them has been kept classified.
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