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Moanie Island was discovered by Polynesian water goddess, Moana and a known trickster figure in Mythology, Maui. Moana was a powerful deity. She could ship up storms at sea to get what she wanted. One of the most popular incidents was when the volcano/fire goddess Pele fell in love with a mortal named Lohiau. Moana created a storm to stop the couple from crossing the channel to marry. But Moana met her match when the fisherman god Maui. He appears in the legends of many South Sea Islanders as a trickster. She discovered him fishing in her waters. To thwart him, she snagged his hook on a submerged rock. He wasn't too thrilled. He pursued Moana until he captured her. He brought her onto shore in hopes for her to dry out in her mermaid state on a Hawaiian beach. But Sea Creature hunters were nearby and were intent on capturing her. Moana was going to give herself up to save Maui. In her family. Most deities wouldn't sacrifice themselves for their capturer. Maui gained a new respect for her, so he made a deal to give the Hunters all the fish he caught in the past 3 months. A total of 40. Half of which are rare. They hunters didn't take the deal, they wanted Moana. Maui distracted the hunters bu telling them he saw 3 mermaids in the water. And he carried Moana off into his boat and they made a long journey to Australia. When Moana gained enough strength from Maui's fish, halfway through their journey, she started pulling the boat the rest of their way to Australia. They arrived to a quit, cold, and dark Island. Moana found an underwater cave and settled there for the night. While Maui settled on the Island under some trees. Staying away from the Shark zone to the right. The next morning, Moana noticed the uunderwater cave she slept in, was encased in with walls shining like gems and glitter. The sand was sparkly too. While Maui was exploring the island, he heard Moana inside a hill encased with rare gems and minerals. Maui couldn't get the minerals off the hill, so he kept exploring. Weeks after their exploration, they set up a nice home in the woods and Moana had in nice in the underwater cave. She could practice transforming into a human in the cave without Maui seeing. She could become a Half-Breed like she always wanted. Once she got the skill down, she did it when Maui was exploring and he saw her walking on legs and was stunned by her beauty. She explained that she's the only mer-creature who has that ability without bonding to a human. He was delighted she trusted him with her secret, and kissed her with a passion she'd never felt. He said it looked like they discovered the island and they should name it. He said they should name it after both of them. Moanie. Pronounced Mow-Aw-nnie. Months later other species such as Fairies, Elves, and Dwarves migrate to other parts of the island. The parts that Moana and Maui hardly occupy. That started a war between the four races. Each race believed they discovered the Island. So to settle their differences, Maui and Moana aggreed to stay on the South side of the Island, the part where Moana's underwater cave is and had more fish and sea life. While the others could find out which part suited them best. The Fairies chose the West Side where vegetation was more abundant and easier to escape the Sharks since they could fly. The Dwarves chose the East, darker and more mountain ranged area. While the Elves chose the North where it is more level and closer to humans. Their favorite ally in the past. The North is also easier for them to hide underground if they felt threatened. The other areas of the island are more steep and less safe for the Elves. The 4 species often exchanged goods with one another. Some items which are only available in certain parts of the island. This helped keep the Peace Treaty in tact that Moana and Maui created. Their favorite things to get were silver and aquamarine. They were the specific gems that she never found on her side od the Island. The Dwarves often liked to get coral and pearls from Moana. They often had her sing to them. After years of the Moanie Peace Treaty, The other 3 races welcomed Moana and Maui and they encouraged her to bring her people to the Island since she discovered it. She did just that. Although the Mer-Folk didn't take to the other races kindly. Their were wars going on left and right. Moana and Maui along with the leaders of the other races banded together to create a stronger Peace Treaty. One that banished ANY one person of ANY species if they started a war and broke the Peace Treaty. That happeed with a few of each race. The Mer-Folk grew accustomed to their new home and brought new Mer-Folk to the Island after wars started around the world because humans were capturing Mer-Folk and killing them for sport or experimenting on them. Moana and Maui had to set up a new area for a new species. A group of rare Half human and Half Mer-Folk. Like Moana. Except, they were born like that. Once they were dry, they were human. And if they got wet, they turned into a Mer-Creature. Moana heard stories about them, she didn't know how many were left. Some of them came from the Caspian Sea near Russia, Turkmenistan, and Iran. The famous Chrisholm Legacy. Moana has heard stories about Caspian Chrisholm, the famous Merman who found the Caspian sea and became it's first ruler. His family goes back decades. She thought she was royalty. But the Chrishom's are THE Legacy of Mer-Folk. Aside from Poseidon and Triton of coarse. And the Chrisholm's are somehow related to them down the line. A family called the Miles is part of Poseidon's family. A family member from the Chrisholm's married one of Poseidon's family member's. Changing her Surname from Miles to Chrisholm. After decades of keeping the peace; all 5 races slowly began to die off mysteriously. Leaving only about a hundred of each left. And humans weren't to blame. Moana and Maui tried to find the source of the issue. But never succeeded. Years of trying to keep each race alive, humans started migrating to the island. Tourists came in every day. Two men found the outside of Moana's cave and tried to get the gems off it. They heard that it was hollow, so they kept digging until they came across a steep dark tunnel entrance. They navigated their way through with their flashlights and came into Moana's secludes Cave. They got a few minerals off the walls. They saw the water in the cave's pool of water move, and they left. The next day the minerals were gone and the cave was colder. Moana was glad she scared them off as she was swimming into her home. Because it gave her and the other races time to get rid of ALL the evidence of their being anyone else on the island. After ALL, the Mer-Folk fled Moanie Island; a few of the other races stayed. But the Geologists kept coming back. They eventually became tour guides for the Island. After a great 10-20 years of Moanie Island being a popular Tourism spot in Sydney, Australia; the Geologist and other tourists experienced weird experiences on the Island and the tours were canceled permanently. And people rarely visit the Island anymore. Poseidon put a spell on several bodies of water in Australia, America, Hawaii, Europe, and New Zealand to give the Mer-Folk a chance at becoming back on top of the chain of dominance. Their race was close to extinction. Any time a human came in contact with the body of water he Spelled during the "Moonlight Times" between 12pm-3 pm, they'd become half human and half mermaid. A Half-Breed. Much like the few Half-Breeds in The Chrisholm Family. Except these Half-Breeds aren't born this way, they are given a chance to save a race from extinction. Some born Half-Breeds' powers aren't there when they are born and some give them up, but they can be re-activated when they touch one of these bodies of water when it's glowing or when it's normal. The other non-Mer-Folk breeds aren't close to extinction because it's easier for them to hide from humans and they remained on the island. It was smart for them to stay and the Mer-Folks to leave since the Mer-Folk have nowhere to go but in the waters.

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