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The Torthouse

A grand structure, the Torthouse stood seven stories tall, 14 2/3 Redwood trees wide, and was the only one of its kind. An eighth story, the basement level, is not considered when speaking of the Torthouse stories or levels, as the basement was built only to house the Unkas, caretakers of “the Block”. Comprised of what came to be known by the Unkas as “the whites”; white moonstone, white topaz, white quartz, and white opal, keeping the Torthouse the angelically glowing whites as required by the king kept all 243 members of the Unka clan continuously employed, cleaning, and whitewashing stones.   At its opening, the Torthouse was originally built to jail and house the criminally convicted. Due to the spreads of darkness and spikes in crime, the abundance of criminally convicted proved overwhelming for the structure. Requiring additional space, prisoners were relocated to smaller, separated, and privately guarded encampments and the Torthouse relocated to the whites building. It remains in operation 27 hours a cycle, 9 cycles a week, processing endless amounts of hurts, evils, and injustices per cycle.   Employing only Sproffs; an educated race known for their scientific emotion, great use of logic, and capacity to ask fundamental questions, as the 71 presiding judges of the Torthouse ensured for fair and sometimes longer thought-out hearings. Because Sproffs were also known for their efficiency, a case heard and presided over, sentenced then processed was usually completed, from ticket to end, within 4-6 minutes. Once sentenced, the convicted were picked up by the Oggi and He-Ng families to ensure safe and struggleless processing.   Gentle giants with an affinity for upholding the laws while smiling and having fun, almost making their convicted forget they were in the midst of being processed, is the usual description given when speaking of the Oggi and He-Ng families, especially when speaking of the MarBo and BobMa brothers.

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