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Vafrun Glen Greshorio

Master of Irisport

The first secret towards real success lies beneath unyielding spiritual strength. Being able to handle anything that life sends your way, and becoming the master of your fears is the foundation upon which you will start to thrive.
Do not try to suppress your flaws, embrace them instead. Know them better than anyone else so you can protect yourself.
— Lion Glen Greshorio
  Leader of the most powerful noble house in the East, Vafrun Glen Greshorio is a source of fascination as much as he is one of fear among his peers.


Vafrun's network is the result of three generations of work, started by his grandfather Lion Glen Greshorio who paved the way for his successors. While he died before he could see the fruits of his labor, Lion had enough time to teach his grandson everything he knew and prepared him for taking over the reigns of the family.   Thankfully, Vafrun was more than a fitting vessel for his teachings. The handsome young Geroun combined the knowledge from his ancestor with his natural charm to weave one of the most influential networks in the entirety of Menciea.   The Young Lord, the King of the East, the Master of Irisport, became not only the face of his family but of the wealthiest city of the continent.   The public see him as a benevolent presence they can turn to in case of a problem, and his fellow noblemen learned that it is better to have him on their side.

Helping hand

  Vafrun was never satisfied with just being on the commonfolk's good side. He wanted people to feel that liking him was obvious, and that he was there to make their lives better.   To achieve this, he invested time and money into many causes. His first action started by promoting employment instead of relying solely on Commonworkers in construction sites and public workshops. This not only helped to reduce the crime rate and poverty but also reduced the number of beggars in the street, making Irisport the most attractive coastal city to foreign merchants.  
Love your followers as if they were your own flesh and blood. Rising alone is the best way to fall into oblivion later. Hear them, help them the best you can.
For with them on your side, hurting you will be a thousand times more difficult.
- Lion Glen Greshorio
Vafrun also financially supports his people, by funding medicine importation and selling it at a lower price to his people. He has been known to personally help with the most critical situations.   Another significant measure he undertook was to actively fight crime, or at least the most direct and visible types by funding a neighborhood watch. While making such a huge city like Irisport completely safe is almost impossible, his family managed to clear out the most populated places and popular locations.   The list of Vafrun's accomplishments for the Irisians is long and evergrowing; helping the people is still a major part of his everyday agenda. The Greshorio Family has always held the hearts of their people, and Vafrun, to many, is the most popular member of the family since its founder, Orion.  

Unyielding negotiator

  Vafrun's principles are simple: whenever someone makes a deal with his family, they will get what they were promised, but the opposite must also be true. Someone not trustworthy who does not meet their part of the bargain will face consequences.  
Be a symbol of trust and quality. Always fulfill your end of the agreement, and be unforgiving to those who don't.
People will learn to respect and trust you, while you will earn a trustful set of assets to use at your convenience.
- Lion Glen Greshorio
If nearly everyone knows Vafrun Glen Greshorio as a charitable benefactor, those who cross him or who wield enough influence know to keep their distances from him. While Vafrun does not deal in good and evil, those who have worked with him are well aware that he deals in favors. If a favor is given by Vafrun, it is guaranteed that a favor will be taken in due time. It is said that Vafrun Greshorio can rescue someone from any predicament, but they will never know what is going to be asked of them in exchange.   In truth, the debt owned will be scaled to the person's profile. An infamous outlaw will be asked for something dangerous while someone simple who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time will get tasked something far more menial.   Vafrun's network is a complex yet organized mix of relationships either based on trust, debt, fear, or friendship. His latest and proudest achievement was to befriend King Fenris himself by helping him get Irisport out of a financial crisis a few years ago.  
There is nothing he doesn't know, and nowhere you can hide.

Physical portrait

Vafrun is slightly taller than the average Géroun. He is covered by a naturally short and slick grey fur. On his face dance a few spots of a darker tint; his eyes shine under two black lines, and his jaw rests behind a strand of the same color.   He knows how to fondle with his eyes, and seduce with his posture. Everything is underlined by his custom-made clothing that he often enjoys designing with his tailors. Vafrun fancies having his colors and good tastes represented on him more than anything.   While he is no athlete, he keeps himself in good shape with the occasional sword training his position requires. It is also something kept in mind while making his apparel, especially those for warmer seasons.   Vafrun has a very relaxed body language; he has no shame sinking into a comfortable chair, grasping a good glass of wine or fruit, and savoring it.  
He feels approachable, yet distant. You want to engage a conversation, yet you don't dare to. Still when finally you do, you feel like you are talking to an old friend, someone you have always known, who truly cares and understands you. You start to relax, and no matter how far from home you are, it will never have felt this close.


Amongst the stormy climate that is the current Menicean politics, Vafrun finds himself in a central place, though more inclined towards Conservatism rather than Reformism.   When asked about it, he will generally answer that he does not really have a side, that his opinion changes from one topic to another. All of his attention goes to making the east a better place for gérouns, which includes welcoming foreign knowledge and shards of its culture.   Other people have called him a "conservative centrist" after hearing rumors about how harsh he treats non-gérouns outlaws who commit moderate to severe crimes on Menicea.


Whatever Vafrun is up to, he will nearly always do it from home. The head of the Greshorio family rarely leaves his Irisan Mansion. Those few times he does leave, it is with an entourage in tow.   He supervises international trade with the crown, as it is the noble mission of his house. Aside from that, he has a seat in the Irisan council, where he actively participates in leading the city and shaping its laws. Only a few chosen individuals get the extreme honor of being invited to his private receptions, where food, drink, and luxuries are abundant.   There is probably a lot more going on when he shuts himself out of the world, alone in his office; only a few people -mainly his domestics- know the slightest thing about it.


Vafrun grew within the old Greshorio manor in Irisport. He learned mathematics, accounting, and practical manners from his mother while his father took him outside to show him around. Still, everyone close to the family back then agrees on the fact that he was definitely closer to his grandfather than anyone else.  
They had something, chemistry, if you like. The old lord saw something in the young one, and from then, they were inseparable. I think that Rensar, Vafrun's father, confronted his own dad about it at some point. He must've been jealous of the connection they shared, he kind of got robbed of his son's childhood.
- Tyon Glen Vertos
  Lion Glen Greshorio dedicated a lot of time to teaching his grandson about politics, commerce, charisma, how to form alliances, and how to keep them. Vafrun adored each and every lesson, and every passing year saw him becoming closer to his grandpa a bit more.   Unfortunately, Vafrun lost both his father and grandfather when he was 10. He, his little brother Orion, and their mother were left on their own. As Vafrun was too young to take over the reins of the family, her mother took the responsibility until he came out of age and made sure she taught him everything she was doing at the same time.   While she did an outstanding job at keeping the Greshorio afloat, she started suffering from severe fever episodes and passed away when Vafrun was 15. Now head of the family, he was also in charge of his brother's education. He tried to teach him as well as he was taught, but Orion was less of a fast learner than himself. Constantly overshadowed by his big brother, Orion started to show bitterness and aggressivity towards Vafrun, who ended up sending him away to represent his family in a small settlement in the middle of nowhere. Orion ended up thriving there and helped to grow the colony into a flourishing trading outpost, now leading its geroun district and closely working with his brother on commercial deals.     Vafrun, on his side, had some difficulties at first. Some people saw having a young leader as an opportunity to gnaw on his family's power and tried to take advantage of him. Thankfully, even with his mother gone, the Greshorio family counted a few talented advisors that steered him out of many problems and still help him out today.   Despite his slow start, Vafrun learned of every mistake he made along the way and managed to make good use of the many teachings he was provided.   Yet, his success and way of doing things came with a huge side effect that is the enemies he made along the way. While he is truly adored by the Irisan people, Vafrun partly weaved his influence on threats and ruined lives. He knows well that from the moment when he puts a foot outside his manor, he is not safer than the people he threatens. Because of that, Vafrun grew into an overly prudent person, barely going out of his home and only letting in those he can absolutely trust.  

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Current Location
Year of Birth
212 38 Years old
Dark gray with darker stripes
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Ruled Locations
Somewhere, not long ago...
    A man lurks beneath the district of the Great Knots in Sylvan-Haven. The howling wind and faint lights of the morning conceal his intrusion within the greatest leather workshop of the city.   It was not the first time that he trod on the wrong side of the law, but it was something he used to do a long time ago, right until he met a girl. The girl.   He knew well that his life was not like hers, but he needed help to change. It was not hard to see that his will to repent was sincere, and sincerity was the only thing asked by his savior.   Against his own pledge to help one day in return, wanted posters and bounty hunters were no longer. He had a new name, enough money to settle down far away and start the life he always longed for. Still, his past crimes were not something easily forgotten. He knew that the price he would have to pay that one day would be great.   When it finally came, the letter only asked to steal and destroy a bag, indicating which part of the workshop to search. The place stood well guarded, but he had no other choice than doing what he was told. He-- Everyone with a similar upbringing to his knew that it would be unwise to ignore a debt to that person. No one gets saved by Vafrun Greshorio without paying it back someday. This is just how things work.   As he picked the very first lock, a shiver ran down his spine. It was scary, but he had confidence in his abilities. After all, today would be the last day he ever wronged the law, and the day where he would finally be free.
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Somewhere, not long ago...
  A young boy was sitting in the back of a carriage. He held his knees close to his chest and stared at the shaking cloth that was covering the wares. The man who was driving the wagon kept turning back to check if the boy was still there. The letter said that he had to drive him all the way from Irisport to Welden, and treat him like he was his own son.   It was not long before he gathered that "Kasten" was probably not the teenager's real name, just like black was not his natural fur color. Since he had black fur himself, he deduced that the dye was chosen to make it easier if they were to encounter guards on their way west.   "I should probably not be asking questions," the man thought to himself, and simply agreed to take the boy in. Still, after a few hours without a single exchange, the awkward silence became so heavy that he had to somehow break it. At the same time, he had to make sure the kid was here on his own will, or he'd have to always watch him. Bringing him to Welden was his mission, and he knew he should better fulfill it, considering who was asking.   After thinking many times about it, the man finally turned back to Kasten and asked. "So, why are you going to Elyades, huh?"   The boy looked at him in the eyes, and all the emptiness that used to fill the teenager's gaze had disappeared.
"To survive. I have something to do, something important that I can't tell you about until it's done."
His tone almost set the man uneasy. Both his voice and gaze were filled with what looked like an unshakable determination. The man remained silent a few seconds before letting a satisfied sigh out. If it was true, it at least meant that he would not have to watch him at all times.   "Don't you go running away from me. We both don't want to deal with what would come next."
"I won't. I want to go there."   The rest of the trip, while long, did not provide the man with more information about Kasten's life. Just like he expected, the boy himself suggested that it for the best that it remained secret. Aside from his determination, it was Kasten's intelligence that surprised him. He proved to have a pleasant conversation, knowing a lot about Menicean History and geography. It was the first time he was going to Elyades, yet he knew everything there was to know about it, even the little details outsiders usually never know.   The only thing the man managed to grasp about Kasten's past was that his father was likely dead. It was because of the way his look changed when he talked about it; the man knew what hatred looked like too well. The boy's father was dead, and whatever he was planning to do next was related to that.   The man could not fathom why Vafrun Glen Greshorio would help a young boy getting revenge for his father's death. Perhaps it was just to be able to get the boy's help in return, one day, or maybe it was something else. He tried to keep the thought away; nothing good would come from getting involved. At least, his debt was not hard to repay, and he would be free at the end of the trip.   Kasten stopped dyeing his fur when they passed the middle of Odelia. His natural colors were a mix of ginger and white, something quite distinctive that the man would not easily forget.   Yet, each time he came back to Welden, Kasten was nowhere to be found and no one ever heard of someone of that name.

Character Portrait image: by Vencentio


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