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The Writing Spree

The Writing Spree is a Morknar board game, especially famous is High society.  


The game can be played with as many players as one wants, as long as they have enough cards.   Among all the players, some will be the judges for the game, making sure players don't cheat. If only adults are playing, judges might not be necessary.   Each player is given a small deck of cards. On each card is a syllable that they will need to use to write a word, and then draw another card, leaving the previous one at the bottom of their deck. The goal is to write as many words as possible in five minutes.   If someone is stuck on a syllable, they can pass to the next card but lose one point. Completing a word grants two.   Some people like to add some spice by giving cards with two syllables that grant more points. A lot of variants like that exist among other homemade rules.  
This is way too difficult for me, haha. I'm bad at guessing words! That Morknar is not even Menicean, and he's better than me at the Géroun Writing Spree!


The game was invented in Grishnak by a few High-Morknars. It was later spread in the world after the unfortunate Dark Flood happened and Morknar counseling was invented.   Morknars first played it among themselves but were quickly joined by the people around them wherever they were traveling. Variants in many languages were invented as the game spread overseas.   Gérouns were especially fond of it, as they often play games and such after work at inns. Some establishments have several sets of games for people to enjoy. The game easily found its spot among dominos and the blinchetto at the gérouns' game tables.

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