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Territorial Patrols

The primary role of Territorial patrols is to keep the principal roads safe, dealing with bandits and beasts who like to bother caravans and travelers.   They also keep illegal merchants and travelers away from the shores and lead them back to cities where they are allowed.  


Just like any other branch of the army, Patrollers are lead by a general and have their own emblem and uniform. Their leader directs a trimestrial council where administrative matters are discussed.   Unlike guards who are based in cities and their organization based on regions, Patrollers are split into divisions in charge of a given road or area.   Internal hierarchy is the following:
  • The General gives each division's budget and sometimes contact a leader to supervise an operation. The rest of the time, the general stays at Nélandra to take care of the administration and attend army meetings.
  • Patrol captains lead one division. They handle its recruitment, macro organization such as patrols' route and report to other corps if cooperation is needed.
  • Casern leaders are the managers of a given barracks. They make sure every squad that comes in has everything they need to rest. They order food, weapons... every supply that the patrollers need.
  • Squad leaders
  • Patrollers

Patrollers barracks

Unlike the guards' that can be found in cities, patrollers barracks look like small forts, modest but sturdy enough to keep people safe from bandits' raids.   Each casern has its garrison of patrollers that keep it safe during day and night. Squads take turns in looking after the fort. Each team that arrives at a casern will become its garrison until the next one comes in, and will then resume their travel to the next point of their route.  


  • Nelandra - Dolon: The Countrysiders
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