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Ronodians Slaves

Ronodia is one of the five nations composing the Seaglow Coalition, and the one in charge of its infantry frontline during the war against the Ivering Empire.   Just like Maqenid gives most of the alliance's navy, Ronodia plays a significant part in providing its infantry. Ronodian slaves are known to be fearless, fierce fighters that do not hesitate in the battlefield. If ordered too, they will carry on even suicidal missions without the slightest hesitation.  
They are beasts, and their treatment is equally inhuman. What face are we showing to the rest of the world, by allowing these barbarians alongside us? I will not support the war any longer. Just let the Empire have this stupid crystal and let us crush the filth that Ronodia is. At least Ivering respects its subjects and its enemies.

Formatting the mind

Ronodian slave warriors are carefully selected within regular slaves. Overseers are looking for strong, simple-minded child slaves to join their army.   The training is harsh, and never really ends until death at combat.   Everything begins with an extended exposition to strong mind-numbing drugs carefully crafted. The goal is to make them used to take the substance as if it was a part of their everyday life. The drugs make them more obedient and prevent too much questioning of orders.   Next are both combat and pain withstanding training. Every trainee goes through multiple exercises with different kind of weapons to find out what fits them best. Every mistake made during training results in one whiplash.   Between each session are several psychological exercises to shape the mind into an absolutely obedient one.

Becoming a slave

Slavery has always been a part of Ronodia's culture. They are everywhere in the kingdom's history, from kings' sides to chronicles of past and glorious wars.   Slaves are either former criminals, war prisoners, or born this way. They are owned by the realm which either uses them in its army or sells them to individuals. This caused many problems during the birth of the Seaglow Coalition as some slaves were old war prisoners or children of war prisoners. Ronodia had to make some compromises when it joined the alliance, such as releasing some of its most recent acquisitions to their rightful country.   Before that, the rest of the Coalition spent a lot of time wondering if they should include the kingdom or not within their ranks. When the actual first fights happened, the value of the slave soldiers in battle convinced the heads of the alliance. They were just too much to pass on, and the risk that Ronodia might rally to the Empire instead also motivated their choice.
Slaves Origins
War prisoners, Criminals, Born.
Training method
Drugs, torture
Around 100 000



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