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Muted Dementia

It started happening so fast. One day she was doing fine, and the next day, she started hurting. We tried everything we could, every doctor we knew, but nothing worked. At some point, she even stopped talking or recognizing us, all she did was crying for help so... we sent her to the monastery.
  Muted dementia is a condition that strikes Gérouns older than 30. Despite many years of research, both from Morknars and Gérouns , the origin of the decease remains unclear.  


The most common symptoms of early dementia are light noises in the brain. Patients describe it as a soft noise they keep hearing from within their bodies. Some persons will stay at that level of the disease for years, which remains bearable for them.   Then, the noise starts to become louder and louder. Patients begin to have considerable difficulties to focus on anything as their brains are filled with random sounds. The psychologically weakest will start showing signs of insanity as they might lose sleep and ability to socialize. After Humanity showed up and learnt about the disease, some of them pointed at the fact that the symptoms ressemble those magicians express when reductite is used on them.  


The early steps can be "treated" with tranquilizing plants to ease the noises. Unfortunately, that's usually where the doctors' expertise stops. No definitive treatment has yet to be found for the advanced cases of dementia.   As far as Gérouns remember, the monks from Fulgen 's monastery always offered to take the sick persons in. They claim to have a peaceful way to put the sounds at rest, but the sick has to join the monastery in exchange.
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