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Grishnakian Language and Expressions

Like any other people in the world, Morknars have their lot of expressions that are unique to their kind. Still, after the loss of the major part of Grishnak , what used to be a wide variety of languages melted into one common language among the bird folk.  


The Grishnakian language is pretty hard to pronounce for non-Morknars, as it relies a lot on low and high clicks usually made with a beak. Gérouns and Humans can mimic the sounds by snapping their tongue, but it requires training to actually be understood by a native speaker.   Aside from the "k" sound, Grishnakians use more vowels than consonants. The more common sounds are A, O, E, K, R.   Thanks to their avian lungs, Morknars can speak nearly every existing language very easily. The only real difficulty they have is learning the meaning of the words and how to use the language, but pronunciation is very easy for them.  

Expression samples

Will be expanded as new expressions are invented.

Low Morknars expressions

These are more common among Low Morknars and pretty rare among Highs.
  • One strike: Designating High-Morknars. It's a reference to the fact that Highs only have one carving on their beak.
  • Two strikes: Designating Low-Morknars. It's a reference to the fact that Lows have two or more carvings on their beaks.
  • The Tide: another name for the Dark Flood .
  • (...) back when I didn't have feathers: equivalent to "When I was a child."
  • I'll have wings before... : Used to talk about something very improbable. E.g., I'll have wings before you'll graduate.
  • High Morknars expressions

    These are more common among High Morknars and pretty rare among Lows.
  • Populace, ungifted: Designating Low Morknars.
  • The Southerners: Designating Gérouns.
  • The Easterners: Designating Humanity.
  • Peeling an egg: Scratching the surface.
  • White-feathered: Designating someone wise, an ancient that is respected.

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