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"House on water"

Thank god we have the Estiannel now, my grandpa told me how harsh it was to climb to Silver-Dust before.
Estiannel, "House on water" is an inn located in the middle of the road connecting Silver-Dust and the rest of Menicea. Its name comes from the river flowing underneath the bridge where the inn stands. Built along the years 110 of the Menicean Calendar, it immediately became popular among every kind of traveler going up or down the road.  


Aside from serving hot and tasty meals to travelers and patrollers, the Estiannel serves as a garrison point for the patrols. They get to rest and resupply there before going back to their duties.   This also helps to keep bandits away and thus reinforced merchants trust. Before the Estiannel was built, caravans had to camp in the wild and often fell prey not only to outlaws but also to wild animals. They had to hire a heavier escort, which made the trip not profitable even for the average bourgeois.   The improvements brought by having an inn were visible within months after its construction, as the traffic between Silver-Dust and the rest of Ménicéa nearly tripled.


The inn belongs to Silver-Dust's governance who hires an innkeeper to handle it. The keeper has to manage everything the inn needs to stay afloat, such as food and alcohol. The army has its own quarters in another building next to the civilians' that they handle themselves, but still take their meals in the common mess.   As the years went by and both traffic and the demand for meat grew, the council hired a few hunters that live in the inn as well. Every day, they go out and bring back fish and venison for supper.   Vegetals, grain, and alcohol mostly come from Elyades or Southern Odelia; Merchants usually deliver the inn's and Silver-Dust's wares in one trip, since the mining city relies on farmers villages as well.
It's funny to think about how investing in a simple inn grew Silver-Dust's commerce so much. Their investment was definitely worth it for everyone.
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Bridge Inn
The Bridge Inn by Minna Sundberg

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