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Billy and Betty

♪ Billy Betty scrambling in the trees,
Billy Betty being bad to mommy,
Billy Betty just wanted some cherries,
Billy Betty never will ever be seen. ♪  
Brother, sister, Gérouns no longer,
Brother, sister, Tiaplos they became,
Brother, sister, chased by hunters. ♪
  The Tiaplo pack is a childish legend told by parents to scare their children and have them behave nicely.  


While the actual story this one came from disappeared with time, some say that it was grim.   Everything that's left from it is that a brother and a sister ventured into a tree and went missing, probably taken by Tiaplos. The hunters tracked them down but found more and more of the beasts' footprints as they went on. At some point, the children's disappeared...   The story was somehow spread through the continent, and some households thought about using it as a way to scare their children.   Nowadays, the fictive story says that Billy and Betty, two children, disobeyed their mother and went to the woods to get cherries. While they were climbing the tree, a pack of Tiaplos settled at its bottom, waiting for the children to come down. Eventually, Betty fell and was taken away by a part of the herd. Billy jumped, trying to save his sister, but was kidnapped as well. A few days later, both came back as Tiaplos to the village but were hunted down. Tiaplos are known pests among Meniceans, and hunters never let go of a chance to reduce their number.  
I don't know what's going on with Meniceans. They have so many grim songs and stories they tell to children. I'd never tell mine such things, I don't want them to fear for their lives just because they get on my nerves. That's just cruel.
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