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Cast of Characters

The Sister Seekers epic is driven by the characters, by their perceptions, their misunderstandings, their conflicts, and their trust (or lack thereof) in each other. Their choices alter the dynamics of families, groups, and cities. Through the epic, the story and the characters evolve together, as individuals and as one world.

The Cast List is the most-requested reference from readers and will be the largest section, growing with each Sister Seekers book published.

Use the SEARCH FIELD in the top banner for specific names, or scroll alphabetically.

Planned feature to be added: the option to list characters by book title.

These profiles will tell you:
1) Who they are when they are first introduced in the series
2) Their connections at that point
3) Additional insights on their background often not explicit in the books but working in the background
4) The "Something Extra" section is exclusive Archivist content for Etaski patrons.

Patreon exclusive content: Something Extra about the Character. Includes Adult themes.

These listings are not intended to be a record of events experienced by the characters in the published series.
Public content mostly describes events from before the opening of No Demons But Us to avoid major spoilers for the series.

As more books are published, older profiles may be updated with new connections. These book-specific updates will be marked with a Spoiler section.









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