Ethereals are divine-like beings who come from the Ether, a place beyond the world and the known universe, and are said to be born from the very stars themselves.

Basic Information


The Ethereals, in their natural form, are typically confused for fog, bare wisps of cloud, smoke, or sudden misting in the air. They can take on solid, tangible, forms of many shapes, though the favorite shapes tend to be those of the local populace, often bipedal and of average height, build, weight, skin color and features so as to be mostly overlooked for being quite average.

Dietary Needs and Habits

As an incorporeal being the Ethereals don't seem to need to eat anything, rather existing in, with, and of the magical network that encompasses the planet itself. In corporeal form they do not require sustenance, but will often eat and drink merely to experience the flavors of the cuisine in the area they're in currently.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Very little is known of the social structure of the Ethereals, though it's generally understood that there is a balance between at least six such beings who hold sway over the general direction and ways in which Mito Mondo functions and works. The light and dark ethereals, Tayls, The Guide and Aedays, Destroyer Of Life are the stark opposites, with four others who take up varying positions between the two.

Average Intelligence

Ethereals, due to their very nature, are very particularly intelligent beings. They tend to dial down this intelligence when in a corporeal form so as not to alarm or otherwise provoke the local inhabitants into any unexpected behavior they might not otherwise exhibit.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Ethereals seem to almost be omniscient in their incorporeal form, stretching their senses out through both a tangible and magical manner in order to explore and investigate the world around them. When they take a corporeal form they use those senses given to them by that form, including true sight, tremor sense, and of course their innate magical senses.

Civilization and Culture


According to Tayls, the Ethereals themselves were born of the very stars at the beginning of the universe as the inhabitants of Mito Mondo know it. They descended upon a barren world and brought life into it, plucking lost, endangered, orphaned, or threatened magical populations from other worlds and settling them in the world they had just created on a whim. For the rest of known time from The Great Migration until present time it has been told that the Ethereals walk among the population on occasion, monitoring their progress and status, but nothing more.

Common Myths and Legends

The Ethereals themselves are myth and legend to the inhabitants of Mito Mondo. There are many tall tales of any of the six coming forth to set right the wrongs, negotiate strong trade deals, change the weather and the tides, and even cause unexpected bumper crops or increased healthy offspring from livestock.
Being one of the wiser members of the group, Satoshi gave Tayls the side-eye before finally turning his head to study the man walking alongside him. Unassuming in all ways, but standing tall and giving off the feeling of being something more, there was a lot of questions swimming through the Samurai's mind but the one question he could think to ask was probably the silliest thing he'd ever asked. "Are you sure you're not the one who caused all of those outcomes to occur?" He could only sigh and turn his attention back to the trail when Tayls gave him a smile, but no more. Someone, somewhere, would find out the being's achievements one day, Satoshi was sure of it.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Most interactions between the Ethereals were historically kept in neutral balance, helping neither side when conflict or issue arose, but also not allowing things to become so destructive that it would endanger any of the species in question. This balance was recently upset when Aedays got it in it's mind to devour the life and magic it had once assisted the others to gather and maintain.


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