High Priestess Ilona Darovnya

High Priestess Ilona Darovnya was, back in Prime Material Barovia, one of the higher ranking clergy of the Church of Andral, a renowned healer, and an adviser to Strahd. Her loyalty to Strahd was key in keeping the Darovnya Family loyal to Strahd.   Although she served the same deity as Sergei von Zarovich, she was not quite as idealistic nor as naive as her younger associate. Although she put her religion above all else, Ilona was, in the words of Alek Gwilym, also a "flexible and practical politician".   As High Priestess she was present for, and survived, the massacre at the Red Wedding of Sergei von Zarovich. She escaped with Victor Wachter and Lovina Wachter, the latter of whom Ilona was personally protecting. Of the wedding guests, High Priestess Ilona was one of the few to discover Strahd's true nature.   After seeing Victor and Lovina safely to Vallaki she headed south where she established the Temple of St Andral.
Current Status
Current Location
St Andral
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