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A havah is a traditional Vorin dress on Roshar. It is formfitting through the bust, shoulders, and waist, and has a flowing skirt. It is buttoned up the sides, and the left sleeve is longer than the other in order to fully cover the safehand. Said sleeve can also contain a pouch, known as a safepouch, that can be used for storing valuable spheres. They are often made of silk in bright colors.  
"The cut of a havah is similar to a cheongsam, with full sleeves and falling from the hips. Beneath the slitted outer skirt are many thin layers like fine silk which interweave to create a sort of accordion effect. This would allow the dress to fall at a sharp angle from the hip when still, while expanding to allow a full range of leg movement. The buttons run from the throat down to the waist, following a line from the jaw down to the collarbone, curving out to follow the bust and then down the line of the torso."

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