History of the Order of Remnants

The Order of Remnants is a collection of people who were forged by the ancient ones to guide humans into a new age.

Era of Harmony

0 TG 1278 TRC

  • 0 TG

    The first Council

  • 246 TRC

    Duty by the Gods
    Gathering / Conference

    The Gods hand tell the Remnants about their purpose.

  • 298 TRC

    Last threads of Gods
    Life, Death

    The last of the Gods fades into the void.

Era of Schisms

1278 TRC 4350 TRC

  • 1288 TRC

    Light or Dark
    Political event

    The unspoken question over how to achieve the Gods will is spoken by Trep'Ion, setting off a chain reaction, splintering the Remnants into two factions: Light and Dark.

  • 1295 TRC

    2397 TRC

    The Grey War
    Military action

    Light and Dark annihilate to create grey.

  • 2397 TRC

    2763 TRC

    Shadow tactics
    Military action

    With the Dark Remnants reduced to insignificant numbers they adapt new tactics, striking often, but in small numbers in a race of attrition.

  • 4312 TRC

    A fifth to bind four
    Technological achievement

    Wurmin managed to divide the four requirements of runework into separate obelisks, by binding them with a fifth obelisk.

  • 4321 TRC

    4327 TRC

    Shield of Wurmin
    Construction beginning/end

Era of Intent

4350 TRC and beyond

With few Remnants remaining hostilities fade and purpose is once again instilled into their actions.

  • 4351 TRC

    Political event

    The last of the remnants meet, put their differences aside and stand in union like the gods intended.

  • 4353 TRC

    The last Light
    Life, Death

    The last of the Light Remnants dies, leaving a handful of Dark Remnants to finish the Gods will.