The Sunrise Rose

There is no better place to chatter and scheme in privacy while sipping the finest coffee.

Near the centre of Bralas lies a large cafe for the priveledged that also serves to draw the attention of the common masses.

Purpose / Function

Currently it is the place where people from high society can meet in relative privacy and safety without revealing who is meeting who. This evolved organically out of how the original structure was created, even if the original intention was to make it for everyone.


Lord Sontar Krenn died when the original amalgamation of old buildings burned down in a fire during a thunderstorm a few years before the blip. He had no heir, but his mistress, Lina Fremd, was allowed to take ownership and responsibility of his possessions on a few conditions. She used the resources to rebuild the Sunrise Rose while embracing the high class nature of it.

This meant that the structure was made to allow clients to enter and leave from different directions, both on the building, but also the room level. Everything was visually overhauled, taking in more modern styles while also making it significantly more high class.

Furthermore, a coffee roasting machine was installed on the ground floor, allowing the smell to waft out onto the street, drawing crowds every day. This incidentally also helps to keep the clients more oblivious to each other.


The Sunrise Rose was originally created by lord Sontar Krenn when he on a whim decided to buy a block of buildings in order to convert it to the largest tavern in the city. He did so by smashing through the various walls, creating a complicated mess of hallways and rooms.

This mess appealed to the upper echelon of the city, as it allowed clients to meet while having a layer of deniability by virtue of it being very difficult to figure out who enters which room.

After the original structure it was rebuilt to specifically appeal to the wealthy and influential, and in the process it got significantly less accessible to the common folks.


The Sunrise Rose is a popular destination for travelling merchants and nobles who want to experience the hight of luxury at the heart of the Freador domain.

Cafe / Tearoom
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Mar 28, 2022 23:57 by Michael Chandra

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