Order of Remnants

The old world forged us to guide our descendents future, but here we are quarreling over what to do in the present.
— Neni'taca
When the gods powers dwindled as time passed they realised that their beloved creations would no longer be able to live on their shoulders. In order to teach their creations how to stand on their own feet the gods thought it best to create guides of light and dark. To work the gods went, taking pices of the sun and the darkest places in the night sky. These they slowly forged until they took the rough shape of their previous creations. Then the gods took the pieces of light and dark and wove them into some of their previous creations, binding their life to light and dark. Shortly thereafter the last of the gods power became lost to time, leaving the Remnants to guide the creations to the future.


The order's history is long and full of missunderstandings and inaccuracies. Especially towards the end of its existens myths and legends started to outnumber and outcompete facts.

Of the gods

The one fact that neither Remnants or the stories disagree on is that those of light and dark were created by the Gods. The process was lost when the Gods perished since it was beyond the understanding of mortals.

During the early days of the Order it was very organised and purpose united them. As time passed, it became clear that the purpose had no clear instruction on how to achieve it, allowing factions to appear in the hirarchy of the Order.


This division was left untouched and willfully ignored until the Remnant Trep'ion took the stance to ask the question of how to actually achieve the Gods request.

Almost instantly the factions took hold, splintering along beliefs of dark and light. Shortly after anger spilt over into war.

The Grey War

At the time some claimed that it was destined to never end until one side was entirely removed from existence, but once the diminishing dark Remnants changed tactics to be able to compete with the armies of light it slowly dawned on everyone that fighting would only end until no Remnant was left, leaving only the grey of light and dark mixing in death.

Era of Intent

Hate and anger were worn away by war and eventually the few remaining managed to overcome their centuries long emotions, standing side by side in the Gods purpose once more.

The remaining Remnants were to few to significantly alter the future, but they have lived too long to give up hope.


The organisation structure changed a lot over the organisations lifetime.

Early Structure

Right after the forging and until the schism it was a very democratic system, with multiple levels of councils and no singular leader. Each tier in the structure consisted out of an uneven number of Remnants in order to prevent draws during voting.


When the Order became divided each side became more authoritarian, but it neither side went past being oligarchies, clinging to their past practitions.


Those of dark became later known as the Trepions, after Trep'ion, who led the dark Remnants during the schism.

Era of Intent

With so few Remnants the democratic council was reinstated, but with more rules to push all members towards openness and honesty.

Forged by the past to guide the present into the future

Secret, Occult
Notable Members

Era of Harmony

0 TG 1278 TRC

  • 0 TG

    The first Council

  • 246 TRC

    Duty by the Gods
    Gathering / Conference

    The Gods hand tell the Remnants about their purpose.

  • 298 TRC

    Last threads of Gods
    Life, Death

    The last of the Gods fades into the void.

Era of Schisms

1278 TRC 4350 TRC

  • 1288 TRC

    Light or Dark
    Political event

    The unspoken question over how to achieve the Gods will is spoken by Trep'Ion, setting off a chain reaction, splintering the Remnants into two factions: Light and Dark.

  • 1295 TRC

    2397 TRC

    The Grey War
    Military action

    Light and Dark annihilate to create grey.

  • 2397 TRC

    2763 TRC

    Shadow tactics
    Military action

    With the Dark Remnants reduced to insignificant numbers they adapt new tactics, striking often, but in small numbers in a race of attrition.

  • 4312 TRC

    A fifth to bind four
    Technological achievement

    Wurmin managed to divide the four requirements of runework into separate obelisks, by binding them with a fifth obelisk.

  • 4321 TRC

    4327 TRC

    Shield of Wurmin
    Construction beginning/end

Era of Intent

4350 TRC and beyond

With few Remnants remaining hostilities fade and purpose is once again instilled into their actions.

  • 4351 TRC

    Political event

    The last of the remnants meet, put their differences aside and stand in union like the gods intended.

  • 4353 TRC

    The last Light
    Life, Death

    The last of the Light Remnants dies, leaving a handful of Dark Remnants to finish the Gods will.


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